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Student Competition 1

Friday 04/12/2020 09:00 - 12:00, Friday 04/12/2020 21:00 - 00:00
Total Duration: 2:35:12

  1. The naive boy who thought it was a circus night, and if it was, but not as he imagined it. 02:18 Mexico 2020
    Screenplay: VICTOR DEL VOLKOV
    Production: VICTOR DEL VOLKOV
    Dialogue Language: English, Estonian, Russian

    A boy chases a clown to a circus where a chilling surprise awaits him.

  2. Chasing Stars 02:21 Netherlands 2019
    Created: Laura Aldofredi
    Production: Laura Aldofredi

    The film tells the magic journey of a young girl, who’s looking for her home and own place in the world. The journey takes place in the Arctic and the main character is helped by a very special friend, a Beluga whale.

  3. Hat Shop 02:00 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Stevie Stedman
    Screenplay: Stevie Stedman
    Production: Jessica Hiles
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A robot goes shopping at his local hat shop, but gets more than he bargained for.

  4. Trilo-Bite 02:30 Canada 2020
    Created: Joshua Ralph

    In taking pity upon a helpless trilobite, a dunkleosteus attempts to save the prehistoric arthropod from the predators of the End-Devonian.

  5. Internal Affairs 02:42 Germany 2020
    Created: David Sick
    Screenplay: David Sick
    Production: David Sick

    As a guy in a bar falls in love at first sight, an inner conflict sets in whether he should hit on his crush or not.

  6. Fathom 02:20 United States 2020
    Created: Connor Binford
    Production: Kate Anderson
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    One night changes a young boy’s life forever as he is forced to face an uncomfortable truth.

  7. East Wind / 东风 06:09 China 2020
    Created: Yuanhua Luo
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    In Chinese context,“East Wind”can interpret into”the coming of spring”. This film describes the process of winter to spring,and compares the process to a child growing up in the mother’s uterus.By depicting the microscopic perspective of the fetus slowly growing from a single point to complex tissues, it refers to the birth process of small life in early spring. Those invisible changes like the east wind reflect the poetic nature of the process of spring new life from simple to complex  And beauty.Those sutble changes like east wind represent the poetry and beauty of the process which is from complexity to simpleness of new life in spring.

  8. Travel Bud 02:04 Ireland 2020
    Created: Niall Farrell
    Screenplay: Niall Farrell
    Production: Niall Farrell
    Dialogue Language: English

    Follow Bud from seed to wildflower as he endures climate change in the hope of a better life.

  9. Twelve Falafel’s Tribes. Part 1. / 12 Колен Фалафельевых 14:00 Russian Federation 2020
    Created: Michael Dudov, Anna Gomon
    Screenplay: Michael Dudov, Anna Gomon
    Production: Michael Dudov
    Dialogue Language: English, Russian

    Falafel is an ordinary member of society, like the rest of us. He has a job, a wife, but suddenly one time all this disappears. In addition, he also needs to keep an eye on his nephew Fili, who is constantly getting into all sorts of trouble. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, his friend Pete comes to Falafel, with a strange message - he was sent a note with a threat. Falafel decides to figure it out and, together with his friend Pita and nephew Fili, goes to the lair of the main bandits of their city.

  10. Crunch 09:30 United States 2019
    Created: Liukaidi Peng
    Dialogue Language: English

    “Crunch” is a sci-fi comedy 3D animation. The story starts with the morning of a little, short guy named Bob who just starts working in the space agency. When watching the spaceship launching, Bob is hit by a mysterious lightning and starts to grow bigger. But there seems no way to stop...

  11. The President Wears Nothing 11:00 Portugal 2019
    Created: Clara Borges, Diana Agar
    Screenplay: Clara Borges, Diana Agar
    Production: Clara Borges
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    The President Wears Nothing is a documentary about a woman who works for a Portuguese textile company that produces baby clothes. The movie conducts a talk between her and the audience which reveals a singular perspective about the daily life in the company with some socio-political issues.

  12. Roberto / ROBERTO 09:00 Spain 2020
    3rd Place - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Carmen Córdoba González
    Screenplay: Carmen Córdoba González
    Production: Carmen Córdoba González

    15 have passed and Roberto is still in love with his neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved for face her monsters at once.

  13. Merida 17:55 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2020
    Created: Fardin
    Screenplay: Fardin
    Production: Fardin
    Dialogue Language: English


  14. Vivi Wolf and the Magical Room / Vivi Lobo e o Quarto Mágico 13:00 Brazil 2019
    Created: Isabelle Santos, Edu MZ Camargo
    Screenplay: Isabelle Santos, Edu MZ Camargo
    Production: Anne Lise Ale
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    I'm Vivi Wolf, nice to meet you! This is a story about all the doors we've must open through our lives. As girls, as human beings.

  15. Promise 02:30 Not Specified 2020
    Created: Irina Harkavets
    Dialogue Language: English

    This is a very personal story about how much everything is connected. About the relationship of children and parents, ecology education and responsibility for both relations with people and with nature.

  16. I Call It Home 03:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2020
    Created: Leila Ahang
    Screenplay: Leila Ahang
    Production: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Tehran University of Art
    Dialogue Language: English, Persian

    This experimental abstract animation, “I Call It Home”, demonstrates two distinct worlds for a migrant who is born and lives far from her real home.One world is where she was born. It is such as somewhere human lives before the birth, womb. This is growing and the spirit is blown into it. The spirit of human is floating such as a fish in the water. For her, first world is selected as a home to settle down. But slowly she understands the real home is somewhere else. This is another world such as out of mother`s womb. There is strange and frightening place. All things are dark and against her. So she has to struggle to overcome. It takes time but finally she feels tranquility and starts to live new world such as new born baby.

  17. Sunshower 09:15 Hungary 2020
    2nd Place - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Attila Fekete, Ádám Patrik Wator
    Screenplay: Attila Fekete, Ádám Patrik Wator
    Production: Melinda Kiss

    Residents at a drought-stricken dystopian town invoke a mannequin for help.

  18. Square 10:57 Slovenia 2020
    Created: Klemen Kekec

    A young, square-headed boy finds himself outcast in a world of roundheads. Little does he know, the path to fitting in is riddled with dark twists and turns.

  19. Shame 02:00 Spain 2020
    Created: Paz del Carre de la Portilla
    Screenplay: Paz del Carre de la Portilla
    Production: Paz del Carre de la Portilla
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Shame is an animated documentary about abuse in Spanish catholic schools from the 60s, based on my father’s experience.

  20. A Flea in a Jar 02:50 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Vicky Carr
    Dialogue Language: English

    Based on the fleas in a jar analogy. A female character dreams of becoming a violinist yet is always put down. The obstacles of her mind are hindering her from success.

  21. The Incredible Wardrobegadget of Dr. Stein 14:56 Czech Republic 2019
    Created: Plačková
    Production: Tomas Bata University in Zlin
    Dialogue Language: English

    When professor Stein's dog dies in an accident, he's ready to do whatever it takes to get him back. He builds an incredible life-reviving machine but instead of a cute pup a hideous monster comes out of it. How can the monster prove that it has the dog's good heart inside?

  22. Apparition of standard figures / Apparition des figures standards 10:55 France 2020
    Created: Marin Martinie
    Dialogue Language: English

    There are more than 300 standard figures, here is a little sample. Four faces related to four affects are deconstructed through vibrating image.

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