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Twelve Falafel’s Tribes. Part 1. / 12 Колен Фалафельевых

Screening: Student Competition 1
Russian Federation 2020
Duration: 14:00
Created: Michael Dudov, Anna Gomon
Screenplay: Michael Dudov, Anna Gomon
Production: Michael Dudov
Dialogue Language: English, Russian

Falafel is an ordinary member of society, like the rest of us. He has a job, a wife, but suddenly one time all this disappears. In addition, he also needs to keep an eye on his nephew Fili, who is constantly getting into all sorts of trouble. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, his friend Pete comes to Falafel, with a strange message - he was sent a note with a threat. Falafel decides to figure it out and, together with his friend Pita and nephew Fili, goes to the lair of the main bandits of their city.

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