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Student Competition 2

Friday 04/12/2020 12:00 - 15:00, Saturday 05/12/2020 00:00 - 03:00
Total Duration: 2:35:49

  1. Miles to Fly 07:14 Malaysia 2020
    Honorary Mentions - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Kua Soo Kuan
    Dialogue Language: English

    An ambitious boy who dreams of becoming a pilot but is torn between helping his mother's bakery to survive, or to continue with his dream.

  2. Factory 07:11 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2020
    Created: Azar Mansoori
    Screenplay: Azar Mansoori

    This animation is the story of a man who lives in a city where people hang ropes over their heads. The rope is getting closer to their necks day by day. There is also a forbidden factory in the city and the man finds the Relation between the factory and the ropes ...

  3. Sense Nonsense (Artham Anartham) / Artham Anartham (അർഥം അനർത്ഥം) 08:31 India 2020
    Created: Harish Iyer
    Screenplay: Harish Iyer
    Dialogue Language: Malayalam

    Kicha is an atheist and is affiliated to the Communist Party in Kerala. He lives with his extremely devout grandmother. Under a single roof, these opposing ideologies are always at loggerheads. Unfortunately for Kicha, all hell breaks loose on an important day when he refuses to pay heed to his grandmother's warnings of ill omens. Does Kicha manage to overcome his misfortune! Artham Anartham is ideally an impartial look into two diametrically opposite beliefs. It is upto viewer to decide what makes sense and what is nonsense.

  4. Over Under 07:20 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Lucy Harris
    Screenplay: Lucy Harris
    Production: Aidan Lonergan
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    In a strange alien world, two alien species forge an unlikely friendship.

  5. Corpseland 06:35 France 2020
    Created: yang LIU
    Screenplay: yang LIU
    Production: yang LIU

    Corpseland is an amusement park that has been used for the purpose of teaching and indoctrinating children to grow up as adults to serve a dysfunctional, polluted and twisted society.

    Created: Mirsini Chatzigeorgiou
    Screenplay: Mirsini Chatzigeorgiou
    Production: Mirsini Chatzigeorgiou

    Surge Persephone, video art, using facts of modern reality which raise societal concerns, as well as the archetype formulas that appear in legends and epic poetry, presents a symbolic internal journey to the Individuation process as feature by Carl Jung. Dante’s adventure through Divine’s Comedy Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise and A. Rodin’s well known sculpture, were the foundations on which basic concepts of the artwork were based and developed. The 3d modeling techniques and photogrammetry used for the construction of figures, space and items of the video contributed to the creation of an original digital world which moves between fantasy and reality, utopia and dystopia.

  7. Overeaten 06:57 Austria 2020
    Honorary Mentions - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: David Hemetsberger
    Screenplay: David Hemetsberger
    Production: David Hemetsberger

    A boy`s journey through a surreal world. He is eating one special fruit after the other, driven by greed, taste and the lust for adventure. After each fruit, the boy is getting bigger and more dizzy, but he doesn`t stop eating the fruits. The boy can`t measure the value of environmental resources. In the end the environment strikes back and the boy is becoming a part of the surreal world.

  8. La Maquina de Escribir 07:00 Argentina 2019
    Honorary Mentions - Student Short Animation - Audience
    Created: Martin Potente
    Screenplay: Martin Potente
    Production: Daniela Enriquez Palma
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Un temeroso compositor escribe en su máquina de escribir mientras que un intimidante gato pianista interpreta su música, en el magnífico show de Marita, la bailarina un personaje que deslumbrara a todos.

  9. In Rde 08:01 China 2020
    Created: 贺天
    Screenplay: 贺天, 常馨予, 张景
    Production: 贺天, 张景, 常馨予
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    In Red is a two-dimensional animated short film that combines music, dance and animation and focuses on the transmission of emotions. The short film tells the story of the war in the stream of consciousness, all the lives are suffering, even the perpetrators themselves... It advocates for peace and for equal rights

  10. Shape 07:42 China 2020
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The story is about a shapeless child who grows up in a world of shapes. In a world of shapes you must first go to kindergarten, then to school, and then to work and then get married. Only not everyone can understand these shapes, or fit into them.

  11. A Tasty Fish 07:38 Japan
    Created: Chihiro Tazuro
    Screenplay: Chihiro Tazuro
    Production: Adie Catarivas, Roni Golan
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    A baby, the firstborn, comes into this world. Though her parents are human, the baby is a fish - and into the lake she is thrown. Another baby is born. This little girl knows not of her older sister, but the two will meet, over shared blood and history, and through the future generation. This is the story of a common occurrence - a stillborn - told in an uncommon way, and the journey a sister will make to meet her kin.

  12. The Rotation 07:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2020
    Created: Hazhir As'adi
    Screenplay: Hazhir As'adi
    Production: Hazhir As'adi

    There is a war between two tribes on claiming the sun in the sky. As a result to that war, sun annihilates and the volcano erupts. Those two tribes now are dead and a new sun is made, both by that lava. Several century will pass and the humans are still in a war to claim the sun in the sky.

  13. Incognito / Inkognitó 07:35 Hungary 2020
    Created: Júlia Lantos
    Screenplay: Júlia Lantos

    The main character is a young girl who sees the world around her as brittle, depraved and ugly. She lives in a cold war where the weapon is not the gun or the bomb, but the alienation, aimlessness, selfishness, depreciation of the people. She lives in a world she can’t and doesn’t want to fit into. Her work is a prison, she can only breathe when she comes home to her only companion, her yellow bird, who symbolically embodies the girl’s desired freedom. One day, a strange rain cloud appears over her apartment, triggering a supernatural process in her apartment. The already passive girl is increasingly withdrawing from society, not going to work and not paying checks. The plants propagate in the girl's apartment unstoppably, which only helps the girl to isolate herself from the outside world. In a situation of external passive war, her apartment is a peaceful bunker, but the outside world still keeps an eye on it, does not allow itself to withdraw from it, and breaks its shelter.

  14. Subject 08:55 Israel 2020
    Created: Renen Adar, Neta Zaidel
    Screenplay: Neta Zaidel, Renen Adar
    Production: Renen Adar, Neta Zaidel
    Dialogue Language: English

    Deep in the heart of wild mountains, a woman is conducting a research about the border between wild and human. The subject of the research is an odd creature - partly human, partly animal. Slowly, the borders between the two begin to blur.

  15. Escape Velocity / Szökési sebesség 07:43 Hungary 2019
    Created: Tamás Rebák
    Screenplay: Tamás Rebák
    Production: Melinda Kiss

    Escape velocity: the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, without ever falling back. An astronaut awakens in an abandoned cave of a strange planet. An interstellar vagabond, so to say. A light path leads him to the surface, where he looks at his compass and heads for his spaceship. He keeps glancing back, treading nervously, looking afraid. He has been chased by a creature for a long time, and his only way to break free is to escape this curious planet.

  16. The Balloon Catcher 06:10 Japan 2020
    Honorary Mentions - Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Isaku Kaneko

    An axe human was living in a city of baloon humans. But the axe human was watched by baloon police because his sharp blade frightens baloon humans.While the axe human tried to get along with them, a baloon human got killed on the gloomy subway platform.

  17. Inside me 05:00 Germany
    2nd Place - Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Maria Trigo Teixeira
    Production: Maria Trigo Teixeira
    Dialogue Language: English

    A clear decision surrounded by mixed feelings. A young woman recounts her experience with abortion.

  18. Apfelmus 06:51 Austria 2019
    Created: Alexander Gratzer
    Screenplay: Alexander Gratzer
    Production: Alexander Gratzer
    Dialogue Language: German

    While two birds talk about their existence, a small apple makes its way into the depths of a cave under watchful eyes.

  19. Layers 06:30 Estonia 2019
    Created: Mariel Alejandra Buenfil Blazquez
    Screenplay: Mariel Alejandra Buenfil Blazquez

    The Cold Guy tries to connect with people in a very not friendly world.

  20. Virgelina 08:28 Colombia 2019
    Created: Rubén Monroy
    Screenplay: Carlos Santa
    Production: Andrés Lara
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    reconciliation stories is a transmedia project that artistically interprets the interviews of some victims of different violence in Colombia. These stories seek to contribute to the construction of historical memory regarding the documentary and symbolic reparation part in the aesthetic approach that involves art to interpret the story, pretending to give voice to the direct victims and those who suffered similar patterns of victimization.

  21. A Barefoot Buddha 09:18 China 2020
    Created: XUE Feng
    Screenplay: HAN Xu
    Production: WANG Xiaoxin
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    A young man, eager to transcend the worldly troubles in his daily life, embarks on a Buddhist quest. What he finds is shocking as well as thought provoking. The visual style of this animation draws inspiration from two-thousand-year-old murals in the Buddhist caves in Dunhuang. The narration is delivered in the form of traditional opera by well-known Chinese shadow-play musicians and singers.

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