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Incognito / Inkognitó

Screening: Student Competition 2
Hungary 2020
Duration: 07:35
Created: Júlia Lantos
Screenplay: Júlia Lantos

The main character is a young girl who sees the world around her as brittle, depraved and ugly. She lives in a cold war where the weapon is not the gun or the bomb, but the alienation, aimlessness, selfishness, depreciation of the people. She lives in a world she can’t and doesn’t want to fit into. Her work is a prison, she can only breathe when she comes home to her only companion, her yellow bird, who symbolically embodies the girl’s desired freedom. One day, a strange rain cloud appears over her apartment, triggering a supernatural process in her apartment. The already passive girl is increasingly withdrawing from society, not going to work and not paying checks. The plants propagate in the girl's apartment unstoppably, which only helps the girl to isolate herself from the outside world. In a situation of external passive war, her apartment is a peaceful bunker, but the outside world still keeps an eye on it, does not allow itself to withdraw from it, and breaks its shelter.

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