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Student Competition 4

Saturday 05/12/2020 12:00 - 15:00, Sunday 06/12/2020 00:00 - 03:00
Total Duration: 2:27:16

  1. A LIVE 04:52 Thailand 2020
    Created: Chatikan Charoenworachai, Pattaweeporn Srinonyang, Pimpisut Chotutai
    Screenplay: Chatikan Charoenworachai, Pimpisut Chotutai

    The short 3D animated thriller “A Live” is about two characters Wendy, a young woman who is addicted to social media, and Itim, a person with a passion for Wendy. Following Wendy's every move on social media.

  2. Mime Your Manners 03:20 United States 2020
    Created: Kate Namowicz, Skyler Porras
    Screenplay: Kate Namowicz, Skyler Porras
    Production: Ringling College of Art and Design
    Dialogue Language: English

    An arrogant man berates a mime. As a consequence, he is transformed into a mime until he learns to treat others how he would like to be treated.

  3. Nothing Left 08:50 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Frankie Sutton
    Screenplay: Frankie Sutton
    Production: Frankie Sutton

    When an alien is found in the desert near a high security government facility, scientists take him in, and attempt to uncover the true nature of this being. His radioactive blood and unearthly powers make him a walking weapon of mass destruction, but the scientists will stop at nothing to contain him, and use him to forge their own nuclear weaponry.

  4. Catgot 03:09 Hong Kong 2019
    Created: Ho Tsz Wing
    Dialogue Language: English

    It is a 2D hand-drawn abstract animation using the music, "Catgot" by ISAN. The film highlights the beauty of the colors, composition and transformations of the objects in the scene. I am inspired by those strong beats in the song which express the sounds of dripping water and smashing bubbles. Therefore, the water droplets undergo diverse transformations in the animation such as rotation and distortion. Adopting different colored hand-drawn brushstroke texture to draw the movements of water droplets in Photoshop so as to convey an abstract and colorful “fountain performance” to the audience.

  5. The Morning Bake 03:15 United States 2020
    Created: Logan Wong
    Production: An Nguyen, Betsy Lee

    A disheartened pastry chef who is struggling with burnout rediscovers her lost passion during one of her breaking points.

  6. Web / Mreža 03:38 Serbia 2020
    Created: Nataša Glišović
    Screenplay: Nataša Glišović
    Production: Iva Ćirić
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A girl, dependent on social networks, falls into the world of the Internet and fights to get out. Technique: hand-drawn, 2D computer, puppet animation

  7. THE MIST CALLS 04:51 India 2020
    Screenplay: SACHIN SREEKUMAR

    The journey of a boy in finding the serene connection between his soul and the nature

  8. Companion 03:33 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Jack Walton, Joe Helliwell
    Production: Jack Walton, Joe Helliwell
    Dialogue Language: English

    Companion is a short stop-motion film that expresses the freindship between a dog and a human. The story follows a dogs life and the interactions he has with his owner and other animals along the way.

  9. TWIGS 04:43 Israel 2019
    Created: HADAS ALAMGOR
    Screenplay: Hadas almagor
    Production: Hadas almagor

    A Journey of a mushroom, in a world where humans are plants, trying to restore the sexual sparkle to her intimacy while her cactus husband rejects her for masturbating with porn. The story takes an unexpected turn, when his penis cut off as a result of over scrapping. Together, the couple finds the path to return the flame to their relationships.

  10. Quarantine Marathoner / Maratonista de Quarentena 03:10 Brazil 2020
    Created: Eduardo Tosta, Karol Azevedo
    Screenplay: Eduardo Tosta
    Production: Eduardo Tosta, Karol Azevedo
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    "Quarantine Marathoner" is an animated short film that shows, through metaphors and analogies, the daily life of a boy who was surprised by the coronavirus pandemic. Through his perceptions of imprisonment and bringing reflections about time, he draws a parallel between an athletic marathon and a psychological attempt to maintain activity during the confinement period. The film was created during a quarantine season from images of everyday situations experienced by the authors of the work. The illustrations and a narrative bring an irreverent form, as we discovered at a time when we need to be more multifaceted than ever.

  11. Retina 04:57 Brazil 2020
    Created: Victor Rosalino
    Screenplay: Victor Rosalino
    Production: Victor Rosalino
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Retina is a reflection about the creation of the image in our mind. Incumbent by a large study on gestalt and semiotics this movie is a challenge to the imagination and interpretation of whom see it.

  12. Shi Yang 03:42 France 2020
    Honorary Mentions - Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Elena Rocchini, Lua Lima, Olivia Nan Nguema, Pham Cyril-Lâm Nguyen, Lucile Fouquet, Charlotte Stadnicki
    Production: Ecole Georges Méliès
    Dialogue Language: French

    Undefeated for 20 years, relentless pirate queen Cheng Shi Yang finds herself at the mercy of an enemy who forces her to reconsider her past and her choices.

  13. The Feathers That Smell of The Sea / Perje z vonjem morja 03:28 Slovenia 2019
    Created: Žoel Kastelic
    Production: Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana

    The story revolves around a cormorant bird, who is a symbol of being split between two worlds. Just as people can live between two worlds, so can the cormorant, who is a bird living the life of a fish . Such life is not impossible, but the cormorant still has to surface to get some air and has to dry its wings.

  14. 1000 dreams: Zenti the invincible / 1000 rêves: Zenti l'invincible 16:50 France 2019
    Created: Jonathan PHANHSAY-CHAMSON
    Screenplay: Jonathan PHANHSAY-CHAMSON
    Production: Cécile Proust
    Dialogue Language: French

    Zenti looks for his wife. Zenti is haunted by memories that are not his. Zenti has no control over the present but he will never collapse. He will write poem until his death to find her and himself.

  15. O silêncio lá de baixo | The silence down there / O silêncio lá de baixo 03:00 Brazil 2019
    Created: Pamella Araújo
    Screenplay: Pamella Araújo
    Production: Pamella Araújo
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    Demi nada pela tela deixando rastros de azul e nanquim de formas inesperadas. - Demi swims about the screen leaving traces of blue and ink in unexpected ways.

  16. The Gaze of The Wolf / 狼瞳 03:51 Taiwan 2020
    Created: Yi-Ling Ou
    Screenplay: Yi-Ling Ou
    Production: Yi-Ling Ou
    Dialogue Language: Chinese, English

    “From an early age my senses were different from ordinary people, and I could see the smell that was floating in the air. Reassuring companions, dangerously imminent pressures, blood-soaked reds of prey...So I have to rush to my mother’s side to guard, the rapid run of four feet, wide-open mouth, compressed pupil, I am a wolf. Even in the end, I have things I can’t lose.” Adopted by the hunter and his wife, who lived in the mountains at a young age, the wolf, who regards himself as the biological son of mankind, has a different visual sense. One day, a sense of uneasiness and threat that had not been seen drifted out of the mountains where his mother went...

  17. To You on The Eve of Isolation 03:18 Portugal 2019
    Created: Óscar Ferreira
    Screenplay: Óscar Ferreira

    Tormund lives alone, with few resources to survive in a world in which it is always winter. After killing a deer he is visited by a mystical creature that guides him on a path of self-reflection, taking him to realize that his actions have consequences.

  18. Embers 03:44 Portugal 2019
    Created: Adriano Palha
    Screenplay: Adriano Palha
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    A father does everything he can to save his daughter's life. Even if it means to summon Nature's hidden divinities.

  19. ACCEPT 03:18 Japan 2020
    Created: Shoan Yo
    Production: Shoan Yo

    His feeling was turned from sadness to gratitude just before her died. He accepted her everything.

  20. 菊のダンス La Danza del Crisantemo / 菊のダンス Chrysanthemum Dance 08:54 Spain 2019
    Created: José F. Sánchez
    Screenplay: José F. Sánchez
    Production: Juan Sánchez B., Julia Rubio
    Dialogue Language: Japanese, Spanish

    Una joven samurái camina por el bosque. Se topa con un ninja con los mismos ojos que se ocultan y la miran todas las noches desde lo alto de una colina. Una animación experimental sobre La Guerra Civil Española, la pérdida de un hijo antes de nacer y la imagen de Robert Capa. Las montañas y lo que hay bajo ellas. La Cosmología, el Ocultismo y la poesía. Dintintas técnicas. Todas las sombras del corto se han realizado con la imagen del Monte Fuji. Las partículas con animación 2d, 3d, tinta y agua. Algunos planos representan corrientes como el cubismo, el surrealismo y el romanticismo.

  21. Bear With Me 04:50 Netherlands 2019
    Created: Daphna Awadish
    Dialogue Language: English

    A short animated documentary on immigrants who left their home and crossed borders for love.

  22. The Mecanorgans / Les Mécanorganes 10:00 France 2020
    3rd Place - Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Libéral Martin
    Screenplay: Libéral Martin
    Dialogue Language: French

    Inside an ecosystem strange beings interact. Both organic and mechanical, certains communicate and exchange, some reproduce their biological cycles while others fight for their survival.

  23. Croach / Cucaracha 13:20 Argentina 2020
    Created: Agustín Touriño
    Screenplay: Matias Deon, Exequiel Ayala Lucarelli, Agustín Touriño
    Production: Emanuel Gutierrez, Andres Grabois
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Gregorio has a uniform life; He works in a factory and lives alone. One day a cockroach appears in his pantry and he sees the possibility of changing his life.

  24. Right Now, I am 04:54 United Kingdom 2020
    Created: Ciara Kerr

    ‘Right Now, I Am’ is an autobiographical, emotional journey through the past up to now.

  25. Return / Volver 12:04 Argentina 2020
    Created: Jonathan Delgado Herrera
    Screenplay: Jonathan Delgado Herrera
    Production: Jonathan Delgado Herrera
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A lonely man has worked most of his life in a supermarket. One night, after an unexpected reunion with his father, the distance that has existed between them is tested.

  26. Machi 03:11 United Kingdom 2020
    1st Place - Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Prashanti Aswani

    Growing up with her four siblings in Indonesia back in the 70's, my mother tells me of the years she spent being cared for by Machi, her caretaker at the time.

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