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The Gaze of The Wolf / 狼瞳

Screening: Student Competition 4
Taiwan 2020
Duration: 03:51
Created: Yi-Ling Ou
Screenplay: Yi-Ling Ou
Production: Yi-Ling Ou
Dialogue Language: Chinese, English

“From an early age my senses were different from ordinary people, and I could see the smell that was floating in the air. Reassuring companions, dangerously imminent pressures, blood-soaked reds of prey...So I have to rush to my mother’s side to guard, the rapid run of four feet, wide-open mouth, compressed pupil, I am a wolf. Even in the end, I have things I can’t lose.” Adopted by the hunter and his wife, who lived in the mountains at a young age, the wolf, who regards himself as the biological son of mankind, has a different visual sense. One day, a sense of uneasiness and threat that had not been seen drifted out of the mountains where his mother went...

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