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Professional Competition 1

Friday 02/12/2022 13:00 - 15:00, Saturday 03/12/2022 01:00 - 03:00
Total Duration: 1:48:00

  1. Egoland 19:57 Spain 2022
    Directed: Ignasi López Fàbregas
    Screenplay: Ignasi López Fàbregas
    Production: Ana Benigna Vega Pérez
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Marek Molek and Bruno Grassi are on the verge of reaching the summit of The Great Troll, the last and most difficult unclimbed mountain. A heavy storm, exhaustion and adverse snow conditions prevent them from actually reaching the summit, which is very near. Bruno and Marek argue about whether or not they should tell the truth. During the hazardous descent, one of them will attempt to persuade the other one by any means. In the meantime, Mike Bacon, the special correspondent covering the news, is unable to get in touch with them and is waiting anxiously at base camp.

  2. Where the winds die 12:54 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2022
    Directed: Pejman Alipour
    Screenplay: Pejman Alipour
    Production: Pejman Alipour
    Dialogue Language: Kurdish

    Sardasht is a kurdish city in West of Iran. Sardasht is the first city in the world to be victim of chemical weapons with mustard gas bombs at 4:15 p.m on Sunday, June 28th 1987. This film is about before, after the bombing, Also a romantic relationship between an couple and finally, the effects of the post-war.

  3. Cimpoiasca 02:13 Czech Republic 2021
    Directed: Barbora Halířová

    Cimpoiasca is a music video that uses folklore motives to tell the story of a pure woman's friendship. With the help of schnapps and wild dances, these women manage to overcome a little nightmare.

  4. PRIMAL HUNT 13:56 Romania 2022
    Directed: Barna Nemethi
    Screenplay: Barna Nemethi
    Production: Radu Stancu
    Dialogue Language: English

    A short black and white historical fantasy that shows the power of immersive storytelling, and how it is not always to the benefit of the audience. An allegory about our addiction to screens and validation through entertainment. Primal Hunt is a tale that transforms a spectacular campfire story into an ambush and illustrates how narratives, even since ancient times, have been used more as a distraction, rather than guidance, and the dangers of fiction becoming reality.

  5. Spheres / Sphères 04:42 France 2022
    Directed: Anais Scheeck

    An epic travels into a universe of geometric abstraction. From the gravitations of childhood to the ascents and abysses of adolescence, from the colors of the city to the mirages born from the meeting of the other, the movement will be the only tangible element of this initiatory journey.

  6. Hidden Heroes / Versteckte Helden 02:05 Germany 2022
    Directed: Anna Levinson
    Screenplay: Andreas Völlinger
    Production: Kim Hartmann, Birgit Baumgärtner
    Dialogue Language: German

    "Hidden Heroes" - this is the title of the animated short film by "MAke make yourself strong - The Initiative for Children in the Southwest ". The film draws attention to the causes and backgrounds of child poverty in an entertaining way and was created in cooperation with the 29th Stuttgart International Animated Film Festival (ITFS).

  7. OTVAAL - A Sandwich With / ОТВААЛ - Бутерброд С 02:21 Russian Federation 2021
    Directed: Katya Solonskaya
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    The first part is a paper cut-out animation depicts different types of sandwiches. The second part is a surreal first-person video shows the world through the eyes of a sandwich.

  8. The Monkey / THE MONKEY 17:00 Portugal 2021
    Honorary Mention - International Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Xosé Zapata Pérez, Lorenzo Degl´Innocenti
    Screenplay: Xosé Zapata Pérez
    Production: Xosé Zapata, Nico Matji, Nuno Beato
    Dialogue Language: English

    1588 A shipwrecked member of the Spanish Armada sent by Felipe II from Lisbon to conquer England is captured on a beach in Ireland. There he is tried, found guilty and hanged until his death. Everything would be very reasonable following the laws of war and hatred between human beings, the problem is that the prisoner is a monkey.

  9. Spacer Girl homemade SciFi 11:59 Turkey 2022
    Directed: Güliz Mutlu
    Screenplay: Güliz Mutlu
    Production: Güliz Mutlu
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Fleeting, inhaling moments for a girl who spaces out. She is a forgetful person. She is living in space, some say.

  10. Beyond The Distance / Beyond The Distance (Oltre la distanza) 05:00 Italy 2022
    Directed: Antonio Maria Cortese
    Screenplay: Antonio Maria Cortese
    Production: Antonio Maria Cortese
    Dialogue Language: English

    An animated short film, based on music, written and created entirely by the author for everything related to graphic animation and the creation of virtual 3D sets. Space explores itself, through a cosmic flight it travels flashes of sounds, whose music produced penetrates into the infinite distances of unknown lives. Everything is so different, everything is so absolute! Everything is incredibly mild! The landing place is an infinitely sweet sea.

  11. A Day Out / Izlet 11:29 Croatia 2021
    Directed: Ana Horvat
    Screenplay: Ana Horvat
    Animation: Ana Horvat
    Music: Hrvoje Niksic
    Production: Igor Grubic
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    An idyllic day trip to the countryside unexpectedly turns into a test of a romantic couple’s relationship.

  12. In Between 06:48 Greece 2022
    Directed: Effie Pappa
    Production: Mina Dreki
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Three different characters, caught in a frenetic everyday loop in pursuit of time. Never finding the right moment to eat, cross the street, or go to the toilet. Until time suddenly freezes. A short introspection inspired by pandemic lockdowns.

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