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Professional Competition 3

Saturday 02/12/2023 09:00 - 11:00, Saturday 02/12/2023 21:00 - 23:00
Total Duration: 1:46:39

  1. Cold Blooded 02:02 United Kingdom 2023
    Directed: Anna Argiros
    Screenplay: Anna Argiros
    Production: Anna Argiros

    Cold Blooded is the story of a man whose holiday relaxation is interrupted when a fish in need asks him for help.

  2. Delivery Kitten Unyan / 子猫の配達員うーにゃん 07:27 Japan 2022
    Directed: Kodai Sato
    Screenplay: Tomomi Kikawada
    Production: Kodai Sato
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    Unyan, a kitten from Cat Island, is very excited to be entrusted with delivery work for the first time! On the way to deliver the package, Unyan gets distracted by a soap bubble or makes a detour to pick up some snacks and loses his delivery bag. Unyan searches hard for the bag containing the important delivery item, but will he be able to deliver it safely? This heartwarming story depicts the interaction between a child taking on a new challenge for the first time and an adult watching over him.

  3. STILL ALIVE 05:21 France 2022
    1st Place - International Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Etienne Guignard

    In a dreamlike and metaphorical world, an adult abandons a child to sink into a dark and uncertain future. The child will face his greatest fears to try to reconnect with this adult he sorely needs.

  4. Liberty will never perish 03:50 Russian Federation 2022
    Directed: Pauline Iakovleva
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    After the declaration of a partial mobilization of military reservists, I asked my friends who speak Russian to send me voice messages with their feelings and fears. And I drew it.

  5. Foxtale 06:00 Portugal 2022
    Directed: Alexandra Allen
    Screenplay: Alexandra Allen, Sara Allen

    A hungry fox fights for the last berry at the top of the tree.

  6. Colors:Noir 19:59 Madagascar 2023
    Directed: Ando (Cid) Andrianarison
    Screenplay: Ando (Cid) Andrianarison, Daniel C. Johnson
    Production: Ando (Cid) Andrianarison
    Dialogue Language: English

    Private detective Walter Koch wakes up in his office with a fuzzy memory. He tries to piece together the fragments of his memory to remember how he got there.

  7. Growth 06:09 Nepal 2023
    Directed: Bishwas Dahal

    Growth is a story about an over-protective father who wants his daughter to grow up while controlling her life at the same time. Things take a turn when the daughter tries to go on her own path.

  8. No Substitute 15:00 Iran 2022
    Directed: Abdollah Alimorad
    Screenplay: Abdollah Alimorad
    Production: kanoon Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults,

    A camel turns the millstone in the old mill. One day, he falls sick, but the millstone needs to keep turning. How can the miller replace the camel?

  9. Departure 05:11 Japan 2023
    Directed: Takayuki Yoshikawa
    Screenplay: Takayuki Yoshikawa
    Production: Takayuki Yoshikawa
    Dialogue Language: English

    A story set in a world where God has departed and only religion remains. A lonely robot is left behind in a closed, deserted old building. She longs to leave and explore the world outside, but her abilities are limited due to her immaturity, narrow field of vision, and difficulty in moving her body. After a long journey to the center of the building, she attempts to install a program that will help her grow and improve her abilities. With a successful upgrade, the robot's field of vision expands, and she experiences the beauty of the outside world. However, her program fails halfway through her journey due to a power loss, leaving her stranded and alone, enveloped by the beautiful world and blessed only by the light of the building.

  10. Suruaika 09:10 Romania 2022
    Directed: Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C Pop
    Screenplay: Vlad Ilicevici
    Production: Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C Pop, Andrei Iancu
    Dialogue Language: Romanian

    Kipu is a luxury chauffeur in a dark city, where the streets are full of cars and black cats. After he accidentally runs over the entire family of a little cat called Suruaika, Kipu adopts her and does all he can to keep her safe. As Kipu’s love for Suruaika grows, so does her body, and the streets become more and more crowded with black cats, new victims for countless little tragedies.

  11. In front of me / Frente a mi 05:24 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Yuliana Brutti
    Screenplay: Yuliana Brutti
    Production: Federico Verdier
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Three times in the same place. Two people who inhabit and share a love in the same space over time. A love that transforms. Video clip made in stop motion for the musical group "Sol Invisible".

  12. shorts from the box / never give up 06:50 Hungary 2023
    Directed: Geza M. Toth
    Screenplay: Géza M. Tóth
    Production: Géza M. Tóth

    Let's try to always think outside the box. The last matchstick left in an old matchbox pops out and goes on its journey. After many funny adventures it always ends up in the same place, it returns to the same box, but never in the same way. Don't play with matches, let the matches play with you!

  13. Bad Boy 06:51 Hong Kong 2023
    Directed: Chung Keung Lau
    Screenplay: Ho Yee Leung
    Dialogue Language: Yue Chinese (Cantonese)

    Every adult has more or less childhood shadows that have always affected their growth. The heroine saw herself in her childhood from the incident of meeting a little boy, and remembered the unpleasant experience in her childhood, and finally she chose to face her childhood fears. I hope that this story adapted from real people will make us see our adult world from the perspective of children when we grow up. There are many things about children. Maybe we look at things from the role of children and give them a little warmth. The future may change because of you.

  14. The Limited / Ограниченный 05:45 Russian Federation
    Directed: Eliza Elkina
    Screenplay: Eliza Elkina
    Production: Alexander Gerasimov

    In a man's house, the objects suddenly begin to move and destroy. Then, the man begins uncontrollably to move and destroy himself. It turns out because of the cat that lives inside him, but how to get rid of it? This is unclear…

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