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Screening: Professional Competition 1
Brazil 2019
Duration: 13:00
Directed by: Evandro Machado
Screenplay: Evandro Machado

Magnetic voices spread in the air like flu. Never has the sky been so gray blue. Our breaths always flow in our chest, because our sea blood is also a vein. Red is a stop sign for yes and no. This idea has already given form to visuals, artists, poetics of the image represented of the eternal world fertile ground. It was a sign of blood, warm and soft mangrove. Live flesh throbbing in heat. Yellow the canary with the golden one that never existed, with the green of the soybean planted in an infinite background, produce a simple and sad straw flag. To this add blue fluorine sucked by our children, with the blue green sea of ​​bottles. No need to move, as we know is already being stirred from time to time. Pride is fussed but the shoes of the saints shine. But you can not talk to macaw? But don't they talk? What they talk about are ancient myths that serve to wrap fish. Poor lambaris from this pool. They are vast vast voids of fences, always preserving what I could not do. They kill frogs to make the wrath of the heavens fall in water! No longer need men in the end, the machines can already spy on themselves. Nothing new is the promise of peace, and everything that changes is the promise of rest. In the meantime we will turn around again in the cloak of the cosmos. Each structure assaults the sky to prevent the future, and in containing the incalculable, at the same time we raise our hands flat and shout! Come on !! Come on !! If the buildings are black it is because your soul is not only white, as in the tales of the flying sheets. Is there a ghost that uses a flag instead of a sheet? I feel more afraid of those who take on the colors. They want and the green and the blue intertwined in a monotonous horizon. Nothing escapes the light of their eyes, as in their black pupil hole, where at the bottom of their darkest I find myself in infinite reflection. I don't doubt mirrors, even broken ones ... Only of I, and you, the world is already full! Saviors huddle together! Of messiah, the time is full too! I don't even think about how many we are so as not to embarrass the accountants. In anticipating the future I think of fixing my rearview mirror. The pants are gone and the bodies are! Who came first, the egg or the macaw? They like to make nests in scorched sticks by burning memories. They are magnificent, terrible and opportunistic birds. Violent pecks! When they shout we are sure they know nothing. But they really scream a lot !! Just repeat what they hear! Just repeat ... The macaws know that other macaws have other colors, but at the time of prayer they pray for the colors of their watch. God save amerindia !! May all colors of macaws be possible in this Land of Parrots. The overseas King invented the colony for the sake of repetition! It makes another vow that returns the saliva.

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