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Professional Competition 1

Thursday 02/12/2021 18:00 - 21:00
Total Duration: 3:04:48

  1. War For Keyboard Warriors / 键盘老师 02:27 China 2019
    Created: Lam Can-zhao
    Dialogue Language: English

    The Keyboard Warrior seeks to use the power imbued in his 'weapon' to effect death and destruction upon his foes. In essence, the keyboard allows the keyboard warrior to manifest his true warrior nature in a safe and removed environment, from which no real-life repercussions.

  2. Fleeting Autumn 08:00 Czech Republic 2018
    Created: Vojtech Domlatil
    Screenplay: Vojtech Domlatil
    Production: Vojtech Domlatil
    Dialogue Language: English, Japanese

    Collection of audiovisual Haiku poems by Vojtěch Domlátil. Stopmotion poetry, oscilating between animation, documentary and experiment. Transforming Haiku poetry based on 5-7-5 syllables to the audiovisual form using 5-7-5 second shots structure. Shot during two month art residency in Japan.

  3. Morning 03:33 Czech Republic 2019
    Created: Vojtěch Domlátil
    Production: Vojtěch Domlátil

    Morning. Coffee. Breakfast. Shower. And then? Trip outside? Or trip inside? Breathing meditation in form of linear full animation.

  4. OBSOLESCENCE 10:00 Spain 2019
    International Student Short Animation - Audience Award
    Created: Jesús Martínez Tormo
    Screenplay: Jesús Martínez Tormo, Nayara Artero Juan
    Production: Jesús Martínez Tormo

    In an electronic garbage dump in Africa, there is still a child who hopes to restore the splendor of the past to his village. An elderly witch with whom he lives will help him to achieve it through a small seed, triggering a series of events that interconnect past and present, revealing to the child the reasons for the decline of his tribe and showing him the keys to recover the lost balance. ¡Maybe it is too late! because the harsh reality is forced upon with increasing force. Even so the child and the elderly woman will not give up, the memory of their lost world will impel them to keep trying.

  5. Mr. Angle 05:37 Italy 2019
    Created: Mattia Bioli
    Screenplay: Riccardo Simoncini

    As human beings we observe the world around us from the point of view of our senses, particularly of sight and hearing. Based on this perspective, we consider some aspects of our reality as ordinary and repetitive and for this reason they do not astonish us. Therefore we will pursue certain goals and we will be overwhelmed by determined problems which reflect the same perspective. But what would happen if our point of view (our “Angle of view”) suddenly changed? What would grab our attention if we were catapulted into another reality connected with ours but where everyday rules are different?

  6. Euphoria / Alegría 04:00 Hungary 2018
    Created: Katalin Egely
    Screenplay: Katalin Egely
    Production: Katalin Egely

    ALEGRÍA/EUPHORIA The subject of my work is the old paradox between man and nature. People had long ago cut themselves off of their natural environment and have suffered since from this division, the lack of the essential feeling of unity and belonging. Although we do see nature’s own hierarchy we took a view too long to see how our human nature is defined by it, and, eventually started seeing ourselves as something different and separate. The overall truth however is hardly ever the truth of one unit, let it be in nature or our society. One’s joy might lead to another’s tragic fate. A crumb on my table is what you would need to survive. In this world everything is of the same value with equal importance, and everything has a spirit, a role and is filled with life. We humbly accept brutality as part of the world and by doing so we can also experience the unity that frees us all from the sufferings of isolation. We are all part of the same struggles and harmony, ‘lifeless’ elements and living creatures alike, of this frantic dance of euphoria and acceptance.

  7. Rockpaint / Rupestres 04:14 Brazil 2019
    Created: Andre Blak
    Screenplay: Andre Blak
    Production: Andre Blak
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    Rockpaintings comes to life in this 3 act animation that adresses with humor questions like creation, subsistence, wars, religions and aliens.

  8. You're gonna be fine in the end 09:52 Korea, Republic of 2019
    Created: YOUNG CHAN JEON
    Screenplay: YOUNG CHAN JEON
    Production: YOUNG CHAN JEON
    Dialogue Language: English

    In the big city, he is nothing but an office worker, but he experiences strange reality or has an ordinary nightmare in his dream. In order to get salvation, he has to fight till the end.

  9. The Feather Pillow / Almofada de Penas 12:17 Brazil 2018
    Created: Joseph Specker Nys
    Screenplay: Joseph Specker Nys
    Production: Joseph Specker Nys, Maria Emilia de Azevedo, Marcelo Esteves
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese, Spanish

    Shortly after her honeymoon Alicia contracts an inexplicable illness, while her husband Jordan bear witness seemingly indifferent. Something hidden is driving her insane. The disease makes the young woman mix reality with gruesome hallucinations

  10. Dubicel 09:18 Bolivia, Plurinational State of 2019
    Created: Yashira Jordan, Igor Gopkalo Streiff
    Screenplay: Mauro Escobar, Matias Paradela, Igor Gopkalo streiff
    Production: Yashira Jordan, Maximiliano Aceto, Jonatan Guzman, Hector Fausto
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    4K - 2019 Stop Motion & 2D Animation Shortfilm with Kevin Johansen. Annecy Film Festival MIFA. France Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico Dubicel is a cosmic child who lives in a galactic dome alone and wants to open the walls that imprison him to discover what is beyond and to discover the stars. Despite having the gift of materializing mysterious objects of his dreams, he can not find the one what allows him to open the window of his dome, until one of them gives him the key to be able to reach what he needs. But this one is not an object. It is a living being. This shortfilm was made by Ecological artreciclying.

  11. Shedding 06:48 Italy 2018
    Created: Alessandro Amaducci
    Production: Alessandro Amaducci

    The look of the science. Watching and being watched. The artificial and natural world look into each other. A lab with some scientists, and the body of a woman analyzed by strange machines. The scientists are checking the brain (The dreams? The thoughts?) of the body, meeting the double of her, who’s dancing inside an amniotic ambient made by images. The experiment will give an unexpected result, the combination between science and dreams.

  12. Saturday Club 03:10 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: John McDaid, Robin Davey
    Screenplay: Colm Tobin, Aidan O Donovan
    Production: Ellen Solberg, Fionnuala Deane
    Dialogue Language: English

    Saturday Club is a preschool animation that strengthens social and emotional skills and helps to build kids’ capacity for 
empathy. The story follows the adventures of four friends – Tian, Jo, Suzie and Jamie – who meet in a play den each Saturday to discuss their week. Each episode introduces a situation where preschoolers have to put themselves in others’ shoes and think about how others feel.

  13. Flut (Flood) 09:55 Germany 2018
    Created: Malte Stein
    Screenplay: Malte Stein
    Production: Malte Stein
    Dialogue Language: German

    A dirty lake bursts its banks and begins to flood the town. At last there´s a good reason to keep the son at home. But in isolation, nightmarish associations start to mix with reality. And whilst outside the world sinks peacefully under water, a domestic apocalypse rages inside.

  14. Propolis, part 7 02:40 United States 2018
    Created: Patricia Beckmann Wells
    Screenplay: Patricia Beckmann Wells
    Production: Patricia Beckmann Wells

    An hallucinogenic journey begins with the sting of a bee in this series. Liz journies with her family through the environmental apocalypse, where the insects band together to rid the world of humans. Episode 7: Monsters reside in all of us for a reason. Liz and Beaux are a sister and brother, trapped in a closet as punishment by an alcoholic mother, but escape means they must face a far more nefarious world outside the doors of the closet.

  15. Climber 06:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2019
    Created: faruq samani
    Screenplay: faruq samani
    Dialogue Language: English

    climber is a short animation that tells how human's life is struggling with plastic bags.

  16. TOKEI MARU / Tokei Maru 15:00 Greece 2018
    Production: ZACHOS SAMOLADAS
    Dialogue Language: English, Japanese, Modern Greek (1453-)

    Based on a true story. The year is 1922 and Tokei Maru, a Japanese cargo boat arrives at Smyrna bay on the coast of Asia Minor. As the ship prepares to dock at Smyrna harbor, the city changes hands. The Greeks flee the city and the Turkish army enters in triumph. The captain is ordered by the allied fleet anchored on the bay to abandon docking and leave. As the city is burned to the ground, the Japanese captain throws all of his cargo to the sea to rescue 825 men, women and children. Almost 100 years later his name is a mystery but his act of humanity remains.

  17. Fish Loves Chicken 04:50 United States 2019
    Created: Josh Burke

    A chicken prepares for an egg to hatch but when it hatches the chicken does not know where it’s occupant has gone. The chicken is forced to face a world full of identical chickens to find the one that it loved.

  18. Skipper's Jam 02:40 United States 2019
    Created: Tim Scott
    Screenplay: Tim Scott
    Production: Tim Scott

    Skipper's Jam follows the story of a crazy little creature named Skipper; who dreams of making music, but is crewing on a ship full of pirates who just don't dig it.

  19. Legend Of Ancient Borneo 08:43 Malaysia 2019
    Created: Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou
    Production: Geoffrey Sinn Chun Hou

    Four warriors of a village in ancient Borneo were going after a gang of reptiles savages who ravaged their village and took the village's sacred dragon skull, but they soon found out the truth behind their village's prosperity and the untold history of the dragon skull.

  20. ARARAUNA 13:00 Brazil 2019
    Created: Evandro Machado
    Screenplay: Evandro Machado

    Magnetic voices spread in the air like flu. Never has the sky been so gray blue. Our breaths always flow in our chest, because our sea blood is also a vein. Red is a stop sign for yes and no. This idea has already given form to visuals, artists, poetics of the image represented of the eternal world fertile ground. It was a sign of blood, warm and soft mangrove. Live flesh throbbing in heat. Yellow the canary with the golden one that never existed, with the green of the soybean planted in an infinite background, produce a simple and sad straw flag. To this add blue fluorine sucked by our children, with the blue green sea of ​​bottles. No need to move, as we know is already being stirred from time to time. Pride is fussed but the shoes of the saints shine. But you can not talk to macaw? But don't they talk? What they talk about are ancient myths that serve to wrap fish. Poor lambaris from this pool. They are vast vast voids of fences, always preserving what I could not do. They kill frogs to make the wrath of the heavens fall in water! No longer need men in the end, the machines can already spy on themselves. Nothing new is the promise of peace, and everything that changes is the promise of rest. In the meantime we will turn around again in the cloak of the cosmos. Each structure assaults the sky to prevent the future, and in containing the incalculable, at the same time we raise our hands flat and shout! Come on !! Come on !! If the buildings are black it is because your soul is not only white, as in the tales of the flying sheets. Is there a ghost that uses a flag instead of a sheet? I feel more afraid of those who take on the colors. They want and the green and the blue intertwined in a monotonous horizon. Nothing escapes the light of their eyes, as in their black pupil hole, where at the bottom of their darkest I find myself in infinite reflection. I don't doubt mirrors, even broken ones ... Only of I, and you, the world is already full! Saviors huddle together! Of messiah, the time is full too! I don't even think about how many we are so as not to embarrass the accountants. In anticipating the future I think of fixing my rearview mirror. The pants are gone and the bodies are! Who came first, the egg or the macaw? They like to make nests in scorched sticks by burning memories. They are magnificent, terrible and opportunistic birds. Violent pecks! When they shout we are sure they know nothing. But they really scream a lot !! Just repeat what they hear! Just repeat ... The macaws know that other macaws have other colors, but at the time of prayer they pray for the colors of their watch. God save amerindia !! May all colors of macaws be possible in this Land of Parrots. The overseas King invented the colony for the sake of repetition! It makes another vow that returns the saliva.

  21. Boing Boing 03:00 Romania 2019
    Created: George Dorobantu
    Screenplay: George Dorobantu
    Production: George Dorobantu

    A simple hand-drawn animation about a feisty little ball trying to escape the confinement of a big square.

  22. 8 15:00 Georgia 2018
    Created: Koba Tskhakaia
    Screenplay: Koba Tskhakaia
    Production: Koba Tskhakaia
    Dialogue Language: Georgian

    A mistake of happiness or a chameleon (Short synopsis) An untalented poet vanished... That is, he lost his own color. As soon as he passed in front of the building, bus or tree, he took the same color and the same surface. He was glad. He was not noticed before because he was nobody, not a needed person, a simple unemployed person, and a loser. ... They pushed him, attacked him or dropped rubbish, and sometimes even spat on him... Even the dog and the pigeons did not pay attention on him... And so they showed their superiority to him... He suffered and suffered, and prayed to God... And everything turned out. And then he became happy. He became invisible, everyone began to notice him and even looked for him where he was not. They began to read and admire his work. It turns out his poems were gorgeous. He became famous. All his desires began to come true. They began to print his works and invite him everywhere, paint his portraits and be photographed with his copies. It both pleased and offended him. Since he was not visible and his portraits were not like him. He ceased to appear on all these activities, but they were not canceled and were still celebrated, because he was invisible. He suffered and suffered, and ... In the morning he became normal again, that is, nobody and the unneeded one and they pushed him again, stepped on him or dropped rubbish on him, spat on him ... Dog and pigeons did not pay attention to him ... And he was happy. And he sang with happiness. This stopped everyone. Because you need to ignore everything that interferes with seeing the main thing... And the main thing is that human is born happy. Children understand this, though adults forget about this and begin to dig in a materialistic reality. Do not be materialistic – be happy!

  23. flight 07:24 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2019
    Created: sadegh ghasemi
    Screenplay: sadegh ghasemi
    Production: sadegh ghasemi

    The man joins his dead wife in the photo frame

  24. INTRODUCING LIBROPHILEAS / Predstavljanje Knjigoljuba 17:20 Croatia 2019
    Created: Ivica Valentić
    Screenplay: Ivana Majcen i Ivica Valentic
    Production: Ivica Valentić
    Dialogue Language: Croatian

    A television news crew goes to an antique bookshop because they received an information that a strange guest would appear there. It turns out that the strange guest is – Librophileas, the ancient, mystical creature which lives everywhere where there are books. He explains why he has appeared at that particular place and at that particular time. Among other things, he says that the PDF format and Kindle device terrify him, pointing out his archenemy, another creature called Copyman. The movie is based on a true story. Librophileas explains the magic behind the trick of putting a book under the pillow before going to sleep and knowing all the leasons in the morning, a trick we all used to practice when we were schoolkids. This is a full short movie, but additional episodes will be made. It promotes reading books, and is suitable for both adults and children.

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