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Screening: Professional Competition 1
Georgia 2018
Duration: 15:00
Directed by: Koba Tskhakaia
Screenplay: Koba Tskhakaia
Production/School: Koba Tskhakaia
Dialogue language: Georgian

A mistake of happiness or a chameleon (Short synopsis) An untalented poet vanished... That is, he lost his own color. As soon as he passed in front of the building, bus or tree, he took the same color and the same surface. He was glad. He was not noticed before because he was nobody, not a needed person, a simple unemployed person, and a loser. ... They pushed him, attacked him or dropped rubbish, and sometimes even spat on him... Even the dog and the pigeons did not pay attention on him... And so they showed their superiority to him... He suffered and suffered, and prayed to God... And everything turned out. And then he became happy. He became invisible, everyone began to notice him and even looked for him where he was not. They began to read and admire his work. It turns out his poems were gorgeous. He became famous. All his desires began to come true. They began to print his works and invite him everywhere, paint his portraits and be photographed with his copies. It both pleased and offended him. Since he was not visible and his portraits were not like him. He ceased to appear on all these activities, but they were not canceled and were still celebrated, because he was invisible. He suffered and suffered, and ... In the morning he became normal again, that is, nobody and the unneeded one and they pushed him again, stepped on him or dropped rubbish on him, spat on him ... Dog and pigeons did not pay attention to him ... And he was happy. And he sang with happiness. This stopped everyone. Because you need to ignore everything that interferes with seeing the main thing... And the main thing is that human is born happy. Children understand this, though adults forget about this and begin to dig in a materialistic reality. Do not be materialistic – be happy!

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