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Professional Competition 1

Friday 01/12/2023 17:00 - 19:00, Saturday 02/12/2023 05:00 - 07:00
Total Duration: 1:57:36

  1. aleph 02:23 Greece 2023

    Drawing inspiration from Borges' exploration of infinite knowledge, "Aleph" unveils an ever-transforming city, an artistic representation of how AI constructs its own world. The city's shifts and changes echo the boundless potential of AI to shape reality according to its digital dreams. At its core, "Aleph" captures the essence of a new narrative era—a fusion of philosophical contemplation and technological ingenuity. This animation encapsulates the profound connection between Borges' cosmic musings and the emergence of AI as a conductor of change. The monologue, prompted by Dimitris Agathopoulos and crafted with the aid of ChatGPT-4, is conveyed using an AI-generated voice.

  2. Colonel 08:35 Iran 2022
    Directed: Parastoo Cardgar
    Screenplay: Parastoo Cardgar
    Production: Parastoo Cardgar

    Since the colonel left the war, years have passed, but memories do not leave him. The situation is getting worse day by day, to the extent that he is forced to see a doctor.

  3. When You Wish Upon a Star 07:18 Italy 2022
    Directed: Domenico Modafferi
    Screenplay: Domenico Modafferi
    Production: Giovanni Grandoni
    Dialogue Language: Italian

    The tooth-mouse moves quietly in the darkness of people’s homes. The nature of his works compels him to hide from humans. But all this secrecy unleashes in him an existential thought: “how can something exist if no one ever sees it?”

  4. Changing skin 06:30 Belgium 2022
    Directed: Maxime Coton
    Screenplay: Maxime Coton
    Production: Maxime Coton
    Dialogue Language: French

    We are little miracles. Tiny ones, even, who never stop shedding our skins, over and over. The world settles in our sweat. Alone, though, with no memory of what drove us into this life that jealous people claim is ours. Forgotten, skins fall one after another, like caresses that—much moreso than our cells, in truth—create them, these skins, which are neither ours nor those of others, regardless of the energy that we spend, at night, exchanging them.

  5. "This is my experience abroad 。" 02:57 United States 2023
    Directed: Alisha Hensle
    Dialogue Language: English

    A compilation of moments from my study abroad trip in year 2019-2020.

  6. Nest 07:02 Bulgaria 2023
    Directed: Nastimir Nikolov Tzatchev
    Screenplay: Slavcho Atanasov Bakalov, Viara Donio Doneva
    Production: Nastimir Nikolov Tzatchev

    This is a story-metaphor about the life of a snail whose dream is to fly! Our dreams and wishes don't always come true, but we may see them in the generations after us.

  7. Side Sidemi 04:11 Australia 2023
    Directed: Zoe Medcraft
    Production: Felix Colgrave

    As winter ends and spring begins, a colony of ants prepare a royal feast.

  8. Where are you from? 02:32 Uruguay 2023
    Directed: Juan Cristiani
    Screenplay: Juan Cristiani
    Production: Juan Cristiani
    Dialogue Language: English

    "Where are you from?" combines 3D animation and music creating an immersive cinematic journey, effectively conveying the urgency of addressing environmental disasters and their consequences through realism and fantasy. In just 2 and a half minutes, it aims to captivate the audience's attention and encourage them to rethink their relationship with the natural world while offering hope for future generations.

  9. Hidden Desires / Rumbos Ocultos 09:13 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Guido Depaoli
    Screenplay: Guido Depaoli
    Production: Guido Depaoli
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Stories of men who, in their search for other men, fall into traps, reflections of their own loneliness

  10. The Seed 07:17 Spain 2023
    Directed: Daniel Ortiz
    Screenplay: Daniel Ortiz
    Production: Daniel Ortiz
    Dialogue Language: English

    A solitary man shares his existential bewilderment with an attentive bartender. Haunted by a pervasive sense of detachment, he seeks solace and answers from his psychiatrist and an enigmatic woman.

  11. Odd Side Of The Heads 05:45 Russian Federation 2023
    Directed: IVAN MAXIMOV
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    Characters, objects and other entities as they walk down the street interact with house-heads.

  12. Yo me llamo, yo me mando 03:45 Ecuador 2023
    Directed: Katherine Fernanda Noguera
    Screenplay: Katherine Fernanda Noguera
    Production: Arian Mohammad Godazchian
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    En algún lugar del Ecuador, madre e hija mantienen un diálogo significativo en el que se transmitirá el empoderamiento de nuestrxs cuerpxs a través de un relato personal de la mamá. Un acto necesario en la vida de unx adolescente confundidx.

  13. Sane is Plain 04:15 United Kingdom 2022
    Directed: Gemma Rigg
    Production: Disastermind
    Dialogue Language: English

    Stop motion music video for Bristol based band Disastermind. Action Man's life is turned upside down when he gets together with a nonchalant Barbie. This darkly funny music video offers homages to classics such as Misery, Pulp's Common People and Skibidi.

  14. Blank Cartridge 05:55 Iran
    Directed: Kaveh Sistani, Fariba Farzanfar
    Screenplay: Kaveh Sistani
    Production: Kaveh Sistani

    Waking up from a dream, a soldier decides to replace the bullets in his gun with a blank cartridge to avoid doing what he hates to do. The following events astonishes him...

  15. Intermission 04:50 Hungary 2022
    Directed: Réka Bucsi
    Screenplay: Réka Bucsi
    Production: Gábor Osváth
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    R​epetitive still standing movement​, an exploration of the visual image for its own sake.​ A projection of mental images, which are formed while listening to music. From the simple act of drawing a line, to the intricate movement and complex structure of animation that is able to self-generate.

  16. What's your caste? / tame keva? 08:11 India 2023
    Directed: Jignesh Chavda
    Production: Upamanyu Bhattacharya, Swati Shelar
    Dialogue Language: Gujarati

    This documentary is about the place where I grew up and the people who live there, with the backdrop of the caste system. Ep1 is a travelogue (non narrative) it takes you through the village from my perspective through my sketchbook. It’s a love letter to the village I grew up in. Ep2- A teacher tells stories of caste based discrimination and leaves us with some difficult questions to ponder upon.

  17. Territory Short Animation 03:59 United States 2023
    Directed: Mahbod Bazrafshan

    "People fight for the territory while the whole planet is sinking into disasters." The short animation depicts the struggle of two polar bears wandering in the sea due to the effects of global warming. As they search for a new home, they come across an iceberg that seems suitable for survival. However, their hopes are shattered when they realize that the fight over territory has also reached this remote place, and they are deprived of their last refuge. The story highlights the impact of human conflicts and global environmental changes on vulnerable species and their habitats.

  18. Vera's 21st man / 21ый мужчина Веры 05:53 Russian Federation 2022
    Honorary Mention - International Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Ekaterina Kuricheva
    Screenplay: Ekaterina Kuricheva
    Production: Alexander Gerasimov

    Vera is a single woman with a spotty past. She goes on a date with a new man, waiting for her in the local train station. Her dream is about to come true.

  19. BackSpace & BackSpace Returns Supercut 15:00 United States 2023
    Directed: Nick Trivundza, Lexie Trivundza
    Screenplay: Nick Trivundza
    Production: Lexie Trivundza, Nick Trivundza
    Dialogue Language: English

 OFFICIAL SELECTION OF DUST OFFICIAL SELECTION OF INTERNATIONAL COMIC & ANIMATION FESTIVAL CHANIARTOON, REELS ON WHEELS, DIGERATI EMERGENT MEDIA FESTIVAL, SUMMER FILM SCHOOL, FILM NIGHT AT THE CASTLE, ISHORTS, STASH, ATHENS DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL & THE PLISSKEN FESTIVAL BACKSPACE: Hunting for blackholes is a dangerous business. Only those willing to brave the deepest parts of BackSpace can survive. Adventurers, Explorers, Outlaws, and anyone trying to find their fortune, will kill, betray, and face danger to find one. Hunter and Mono track down a lost pod that may have the coordinates to a black hole. BACKSPACE RETURNS: Hunting for Black Holes is a dangerous business, and it’s only getting deadlier! In this thrilling sequel to the award winning short film, BackSpace, we find Hunter stepping through the Black Hole he’s discovered. Adventure lurks around every corner, but he’s pursued by The Corporation’s B-Team.

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