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Student Competition 8

Friday 01/12/2023 15:00 - 17:00, Saturday 02/12/2023 03:00 - 05:00
Total Duration: 1:57:26

  1. Icarus Project 05:06 Belgium 2022
    Directed: Lauren Luc Lena Rolly

    Researchers conduct an incomprehensible study on birds.

  2. Under The Endless Sky 04:00 Ukraine 2022
    Directed: Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
    Screenplay: Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
    Dialogue Language: English

    Our memories play an important role in the construction of identity and self-awareness. My childhood memories have acquired a special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory. My childhood in Ukraine was different and I want to share it with the audience in the form of an animated short. In the film I tell a personal story about my childhood memories and explore how memories are preserved and why they have a special meaning for people.

  3. The Leak 07:40 Belgium 2023
    Directed: Paola Cubillos

    In the quietness of an apartment the irruption of a water leak leads to the encounter of the protagonist with her younger self and their blurry memories of an early loss.

  4. The Thunder / El Trueno 04:00 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Isabel Titiro
    Screenplay: Juan Martín Fernández de Miranda
    Production: Aiza Rost Tourn
    Dialogue Language: Other

    A barefoot figure walks on the stars. A distant guaraní voice echoes with a question: where does this river take us? Poetry transports us through images that feel like flashes from a dark dream, with haunting yaguaretés, threatening machetes, and non-existent jungle spots. Death and nature are explored through the sound of a woman’s voice.

  5. Proto 10:00 India 2023
    Directed: sovan Dutta
    Screenplay: sovan Dutta
    Dialogue Language: English

    This is a story about a robot and an old man. The robot takes care of the old man in his old age. In order to the betterment of physical abilities of the old man the robot starts to replace the body parts of the old man with artificial one. Gradually the old man also starts enjoying the artificial body parts and turns himself into a robot. The film is fully CGI 3D animation and has 5.1 surround sound designs. Hope viewers will enjoy the film fullest.

  6. Reclaiming the Colour 07:49 Portugal 2023
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Children from the 6 E.B. Ovar
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    "In a country, grey, lived Sad People, people who could not say what they felt, nor do what they wanted, because there were policemen everywhere who prevented them from being free. Those who visited that country could not understand the reason for so much sadness. "O Resgate da Cor" is a short animation film, made by the students of the 6th A, from EB Monsenhor Miguel de Oliveira, under the LI - Letras & Imagens project, from the reading and interpretation of the work "O Tesouro", by Manuel António Pina".

  7. Moon Landing With A Twist 03:29 Greece 2023
    Directed: Simos Tokalakis
    Dialogue Language: English

    In 1969 when the first humans went to the moon, they found out something they weren't expecting

  8. TANKARD - Beerbarians 05:28 Australia 2023
    Directed: Costas Lambrou, Jasmine Lin, Joy Zou
    Production: Simon Norton, Aaron McLoughlin
    Dialogue Language: English

    Official music video for legendary German thrash-metal band, TANKARD Created by animation students at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia

  9. Our road / Amaro drom 04:05 Greece 2023
    Directed: Valasia Dodulu
    Screenplay: Valasia Dodulu
    Production: Valasia Dodulu
    Dialogue Language: Other, Romany

    Animated video clip of the song "Amaro drom", created by the composer and animator Valasia Dodulu. The song is about the gypsies. Below is the english translation of the lyrics in romani dialect. "We traveled all around the world, we arrived here on foot. From our hands come out flowers, from our mouth come out songs. We are romani people, like birds, our home is the sky. We dance with our heart every song is about love."

  10. What Gil has to say 02:24 Germany 2023
    Directed: Hao Yu
    Dialogue Language: English

    An old riddle to which many people cannot guess the answer. Let's see what Gil has to say.

  11. PERCEPTION 04:28 United States 2023
    Directed: Brandon Frank Lopez
    Screenplay: Brandon Frank Lopez
    Production: Brandon Frank Lopez

    After a blob of residue rejects the ideals of its creator, relationships and connections face uncertainty.

  12. Hi! 05:00 Netherlands 2022
    Directed: Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani
    Screenplay: Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani
    Production: Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani
    Dialogue Language: English

    (Hi!) is the story of a little ADDer child. Her mom who knows about her issue writes something on her hand before getting on the school bus. The young child cannot analyze so much new information. So, she makes a paper doll of her mom to get back to her safe zone. Then a group of kids get on and play with a paper airplane. It sticks to the main character’s backpack accidentally. She runs away and hides behind the paper doll but it is rapped by accident when the group of kids want to pick up their toy. The child tries to stop them with her hand. At this moment we see the note on her hand, Hi!

  13. In his Mercy / In seiner Gnade 11:55 Germany 2022
    Directed: Christoph Büttner
    Screenplay: Christoph Büttner
    Dialogue Language: German

    One evening a prison director announces to a convict being executed next day. As by a miracle later at night the cell door opens. Being exhausted by endless interrogations the convict drags on through dark prison corridors. On his odyssey to gain freedom he is tossed back and forth by various mental states: his fear of being discovered, his hope for salvation and moments of sheer madness.

  14. Tales (Pilot) 15:00 Greece 2022
    Directed: Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi
    Screenplay: Daphne Vasiliki Thermidi, Lydia Eleftheria Papaconstantinou
    Dialogue Language: English

    In a dark Castle, set in a fantasy world, a Princess wakes up from a haunting nightmare. Meanwhile in a village far away, Chester the famous storyteller is busy telling his amazing Fairytales, when a letter from King Eric III arrives, demanding his presence in a celebration. With a lot of hesitation, he and Fairy Godmother Hora, are entangled in an exciting adventure. A pilot episode for a proposed animates series for teens.

  15. THE PEACE GIRL 03:57 Portugal 2023
    Directed: 4ºA class - EB1Pe Ladeira: Rui Duque; Patrícia Matos
    Screenplay: 4ºA class - EB1Pe Ladeira
    Production: CENA (Patrícia Matosl; Rui Duque)
    Dialogue Language: English


  16. Clean Aid 03:55 Germany 2022
    Directed: Valentin Dittlmann, Hannes Werner, Felix Zachau
    Production: Katharina Hein

    A garbage-collecting robot whizzes through the streets. It is controlled by an elderly lady who, during her dreary work, is reminded of her youthful lightness by a surprising encounter.

  17. 118 17:15 Israel 2023
    Directed: Avichai Bloch, Shachar Loni, Lysa-Rose Zaoui, Shany Cnaan, Tony Danilchenko, Yaara Ruth Maimon, Gilit Bigman, Batya Gur, Opal, Li Cohen, Noy Beggagon, Tal Kuperstein, Berry akerman, Aviv Kaufmann, Kira Pinhusovich
    Production: Yaara Ruth Maimon
    Dialogue Language: Hebrew

    A collection of films that documents the experiences, emotions and thoughts of the caregivers at women's shelters. Through the eyes of those who have seen it all, we grasp the complexity of the trauma, the anguish these women endure and the loving support they obtain, always out of compassion, never out of pity.

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