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Student Competition 1

Thursday 30/11/2023 13:30 - 15:30, Friday 01/12/2023 00:30 - 02:30
Total Duration: 1:58:02

  1. Covert 05:07 Singapore 2023
    Directed: Bervyn Chua
    Production: Bervyn Chua
    Dialogue Language: English

    A security guard must protect a priceless Jewel from a thief's clutches until the police arrive.

  2. If you do good, you do for yourself 07:07 Ghana 2022
    Directed: FRANK DZIKUNU
    Screenplay: FRANK DZIKUNU
    Production: FRANK DZIKUNU
    Dialogue Language: English

    It is all about a boy named Seth and his sister by name Vivian. Who refused to do a simple good, and that resulted in the death of their mother. Their mother was suffering from asthma, and a good person called Angel came in and tried to help. But unfortunately he lost the money he wanted to use to buy inhaler for the woman on his way going to the drug store, so he pleaded with the drug seller to lend him the inhaler as he has lost his money on the way, he promised to pay her back the next day. But Vivian refused to give the inhaler to him. Not knowing the woman Angel wanted to help was Vivian's mother. Seth took the money Angel lost on his way home and refused to give it back to Angel the owner when Angel enquire of it. By the action of Seth and Vivian their mother died. This animation aim to inspire, educate, inform, motivate and entertain it audience.

  3. Waldeinsamkeit 04:15 United Kingdom 2023
    Directed: Silvana Roth
    Dialogue Language: English

    An old lady feels alienated from modern city life, but when she embarks on a magical dreamlike journey, she finds wonder and a newfound appreciation for the place she lives in. Waldeinsamkeit describes the feeling of spiritual loneliness one experiences when enjoying solitude in the forest, a reconnection with self that is often missing in today’s busy city environments.

  4. Rewind 03:30 Taiwan 2023
    Directed: Althea Huang, Hardy Lee

    This film is about the emotion of being forgotten by the person whom we never forgot.

  5. Home 04:46 United Kingdom 2023
    Directed: Filipa da Costa Gaspar
    Screenplay: Filipa da Costa Gaspar
    Production: Filipa da Costa Gaspar
    Dialogue Language: English

    A group of people travel in a train discussing what is home and what they gain and lose from moving to another country. From the little thing to the big feelings, we follow their journey as the passengers explore themselves and each other in a meaningful conversation.

  6. The tree / El árbol 05:00 Chile 2022
    Directed: Guillermo Arias Fernández
    Screenplay: Guillermo Arias Fernández
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Luis, a lonely and tormented old man, manipulates death-defying magic to summon his deceased wife. By collecting the bleeding trunks he will create a ritual that will lead him to the root of his love, but he must decide between life and death to obtain it eternally.

  7. Almost leaving my skin / Casi dejo la piel 04:51 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Agustina Ragatky Caffera
    Screenplay: Agustina Ragatky Caffera, Lucila Patitucci, Romina Sastre
    Production: Agustina Ragatky Caffera

    They have the power to access their own emotions by rubbing their skin and removing it. This experience leads them to stay connected to their deepest memories, fears and desires.

  8. EXODE 03:32 France 2023
    Directed: Louis LION, Yohan DERESME, Thibault JANSSENS, Max DOEBELI, Parichay SIDANA, Nasia CHAN

    An exhausted Japanese crane in a polluted and burning world, tries desperately to find a safe place to land

  9. SILHOUETTE 05:02 France 2023
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury

    Silhouette tells the story of Claire, a young woman who has just moved to a big city. She soon finds her body gradually disappearing.

  10. Why do I look at the sky? / ¿Por qué miro el cielo? 09:56 Argentina 2022
    Directed: Rocío Milagros Collazo
    Screenplay: Rocío Milagros Collazo
    Production: Rocío Milagros Collazo
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    A 9-year-old girl, exploring the sky with a peculiar telescope, finds an unknown planet where dead people end up, including her beloved grandpa, who recently passed away.

  11. Sham Shui Po 03:05 Hong Kong 2022
    Directed: LU Yujie, MA Jie, MOK Yuk Kuen

    With the aid of drone shooting, all the images in this film were recorded from the bird’s eye view to showcase the architectural beauty of one of the most crowded neighborhoods in Hong Kong - Sham Shui Po.

  12. Happy Eggs 03:00 Poland 2022
    Directed: Stanisław Maciejewski
    Dialogue Language: English

    "Happy Eggs" is a short animated cartoon depicting the fate of two one-day-old baby chicks. The film uncovers the little-known and cruel practices of the egg industry.

  13. Hey Teacher 02:52 Poland 2022
    Directed: Stanisław Maciejewski
    Dialogue Language: English

    "Hey Teacher" is a surreal collage-style animation created to express hatred and frustration related to the author's own experiences with the schooling system.

  14. The OPorto's Old Man / O Senhor do Porto 05:00 Portugal 2023
    Directed: Tânia Sofia da Costa Marques
    Screenplay: Tânia Sofia da Costa Marques
    Production: Tânia Sofia da Costa Marques
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    The OPorto's Old Man was born and raised in Porto, right in the center, next to what remains of the Fernandina wall, in 1937. He heard about the First World War and has brief memories of the Second. He saw Porto united by democracy. He saw the construction of the four last bridges (he will not see the fifth). He saw Porto being considered a World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture. He saw the much-acclaimed tourists arrive. He saw himself alone. He sees abandoned houses. He sees houses that become hotels. He sees a different neighborhood. He sees a Porto he has never seen. Today he wants to live the Porto he saw and put in his memory the Porto he sees.

  15. Carrots Don't Wait / ニンジンは待ってくれない 07:36 Japan 2023
    Directed: Lina Machida
    Production: Koji Yamamura
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    That stray dog that the girl loved so much wanted an apple for a long time. Meanwhile, the carrots try to turn everything into a seedbed. The girl opens the box and leaves with the dog because they know that decay is inevitable.This animation captures a moment of overlapping birth and death.

  16. Lianhua 05:24 Israel 2023
    Directed: guy weinstein

    Lianhua tells the story of a young Mongolian warrior named Batu that, after being injured, goes to a temple in the mountains to heal himself and hopefully return to the army of his mighty khan. The monk of the temple however teaches him of inner peace and acceptance instead of fighting which causes him great rage and distress as he slowly begins to fear that he won't heal and will never rejoin the army.

  17. La Révolution 07:00 France 2023
    2nd Place - International Student Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Victor Patard, Margot Prud’homme, Juliette Taupe, Maya Rohmer Kretz, Amélie de Boëver
    Production: Franck Petitta

    In the kingdom of Stinky Scabiouse Village, King Emmanuel 1st ruled spreading terror until the peasant Maxe changed inadvertently the course of History.

  18. Eusebeia 07:38 France 2023
    Directed: Sacha Doubroff, Emma Diderot, Marjorie Gautier, Elora Meunier, Celestin Lemaitre, Camille Chan
    Screenplay: Elora Meunier
    Production: Franck Petitta
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A group of individuals bent under the weight of their bags, walk towards the promised land guided by a gigantic being. One of them, very weak, collapses. Alone, he needs to rebuild himself, starting with the opening of the bag whose contents shake his old certainties.

  19. Step by Step / De toi à moi 06:18 France 2023
    Directed: Jules Tuil, Maxime Maurel, Agathe Beinat, Morgane Couleard, Marie Nony, Bérénice Eicher
    Screenplay: Jules Tuil, Maxime Maurel, Agathe Beinat, Morgane Couleard, Marie Nony, Bérénice Eicher
    Production: Franck Petitta
    Dialogue Language: French

    On a warm sunny day, a summer camp settles in the pine forest. Gaelle, a young instructor, struggles to exert authority over the children. When she discovers that a young child, Simon, has isolated himself, she enters his bubble and tries her best to get him to open up.

  20. *Midwestern Last Name* Family Reunion 10:54 United States 2023
    Directed: Elle Schwiderson
    Screenplay: Elle Schwiderson
    Production: Elle Schwiderson
    Dialogue Language: English

    *Midwestern Last Name* Family Reunion is the culmination of Elle Schwiderson's art degree from the University of Michigan. They spent 9 months generating and executing this idea in their IP (Integrative Project) class. Funded by Arts at Michigan and Arts Engine. Creative direction, animation, music, painting, performance done by Elle. It tells the story of their annual family reunion with an existential twist.

  21. Pull The Plug 03:54 Netherlands 2023
    Directed: Adèle Fisch, Carlotta Steckner
    Screenplay: Adèle Fisch
    Production: Adèle Fisch, Carlotta Steckner
    Dialogue Language: English

    Greg, a lonely nursing home resident, believes himself to be in a conspiracy, and is ready to go to great lengths to make sure his identity remains hidden.

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