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Student Competition 4

Thursday 30/11/2023 19:30 - 21:45, Friday 01/12/2023 06:30 - 08:45
Total Duration: 2:09:24

  1. New Beginnings 02:11 Canada 2023
    Directed: Evine Abbasy
    Dialogue Language: English

    The story of a war burdened land being restored by the help of three lovely little spirits.

  2. Pitcher of You 09:30 Ireland 2023
    Directed: Coireall Kent
    Dialogue Language: English

    Pitcher of You follows the story of urban-hermit Mag, whose soon-to-close family pub is attacked by a vengeful familial Ghost. Mag must reckon with both imminent supernatural possession, and the now broken informal pact that she made to her late father, to walk in his footsteps and become the family's next publican.

  3. Little Hiccups 02:13 Australia 2023
    Honorary Mention - International Student Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Fitriani Revanda
    Screenplay: Fitriani Revanda
    Production: Kate Cawley

    "In our everyday lives, some things happen that we cannot really explain...or can we?" A silly story about the little monsters scampering around the hidden corner of our life.

  4. Experience / Experiênica 03:04 Brazil 2023
    Directed: Maria Petrassi
    Screenplay: Maria Petrassi
    Production: Maria Petrassi
    Dialogue Language: English, Portuguese

    A cat wakes up in her room and encounters more chaos than you ought to before even having breakfast.

  5. The Leak 07:40 Belgium 2023
    Directed: Paola Cubillos

    In the quietness of an apartment the irruption of a water leak leads to the encounter of the protagonist with her younger self and their blurry memories of an early loss.

  6. Dokra Keu Bojhey Na 07:44 India 2023
    Directed: Sneha Das, Monjima Mullick
    Screenplay: Sneha Das
    Production: Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
    Dialogue Language: Bengali, English, Hindi

    An animated documentary on the ancient craft of Dokra

  7. Crow Man 07:52 Lebanon 2023
    Directed: Yohann Abdelnour
    Screenplay: Yohann Abdelnour

    In the middle of the dark woods, next to a lake, a little girl and her grandpa live together in a small wooden cabin. The old man is ill and slowly passing away. Death, a bizarre creature, is coming for him. The little girl knows it, and wants to confront death and kill it.

  8. Inner Dive 03:34 United Kingdom 2023
    Directed: Weronika Magdalena Rychlik
    Screenplay: Weronika Magdalena Rychlik
    Production: Weronika Magdalena Rychlik
    Dialogue Language: English

    Eris, a cheerful and passionate child, becomes an indifferent, lonely, shell of a person. Her death drive is slowly taking control over her life, blinding her to the truth. Under the pressure of expectations, she becomes the puppet in the hands of the person closest to her. She has enough of living by someone else’s dictation, so she gives up on her life completely. The pressure makes her sink into the darkness. Will she discover the truth, which will let her find peace and harmony and float to the surface?

  9. Nabta 03:35 Egypt 2023
    Directed: Hania Raouf Shehata

    This is my graduation film project from the Faculty of Fine Arts - Graphic & Animation Department at Helwan University in Cairo. My film follows the story of a little plant protecting the sacred seed that is the essence of the forest and keeps it alive, but the evil pollution creatures steal the seed to take over the forest , as we follow along on the journey of the plant and Mother Nature as they try and rescue the forest.

  10. BLEU AZUR 03:01 Canada
    Directed: Anne ESOR | Xavier FONTAINE | Mélodie GUENEGANT | Thomas HUGONNET | Ambre KALIL | Nolwenn NASSE

    In a dystopian world, two characters flee from the authorities across the rooftops of a city, carrying a bag whose content is a mystery.

  11. In Curve Notes _ Stream / Apontamentos de Curva _ Correnteza 06:24 Portugal 2022
    Directed: flavia regaldo

    When is the shape displaced? Correnteza explores tensions of the body and desire in its anti-matter, in the blind cuts of its lines and curves, in-between the unsaid, in the intimacy of the pose. A porn animation of watercolour paintings (moving, rather like quicksand paint), Correnteza is built based on videos produced by invitation to participate in the project, through the premise of rethinking the body as a critical space.

  12. STARRY WILL 02:14 China 2023
    Directed: Jiajing Yin
    Dialogue Language: Japanese

    The one who borned by chaos and abandoned the chaos. Trying to create a safe planet for freedom and peace.

  13. Fred and Frankie 02:48 United States 2023
    Directed: Kate McNeely, Jenny Shuermann
    Screenplay: Jenny Schuermann
    Production: Julia Paiewonsky
    Dialogue Language: English

    As Frankie, a widowed food truck owner, is preparing her truck for sale, she finds herself drawn into the memories surrounding her. Remembering how she used to share this space with her late husbands Fred pulls her away from her work. She finds herself reliving her memories, feeling her husband there with her, just like when they were young. Frankie realizes despite how hard it has been to be here without him, he never would have wanted her to give up her passion. Her fire is relit, and the truck is her again.

  14. Unfound / איבוד 07:47 Israel 2022
    Directed: Shahar Balfour
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    A Little girl sets to explore a wondrous darkening street as evening falls, not noticing she was left alone. An old lady loses her way inside her own home, where memory crumbles and familiar space becomes foreign and threatening. In two parallel timelines, both characters lose their way as they wander on a journey between reality and imagination.

  15. God Bless You 05:50 United Kingdom 2023
    Directed: Joseph Whitmore

    God Bless You is a 3D animated film which serves to acknowledge how childhood experiences influence and challenge our future selves. The project focuses on depicting the commonly experienced issue of alcoholism and its impact on interfamily relationships and mental health.

  16. Meet Again (JAEHOE) / 재회 05:04 Korea 2022
    Directed: ap-sol KANG
    Production: ji-hye YANG
    Dialogue Language: Korean

    ‘Hanbyul’, a 14-year-old troubled girl lost in adolescence, experiences a strange festival in the middle of the night. ‘Hanbyul’ runs away from home on her fourteenth birthday because she feels anger against her mom who does not even send a congratulatory text message. She runs for a while and walks into a strange alley. Then, Hanbyul sights a recognizable memory when she encounters a girl who leads a group of monsters in the strange alley.

  17. Flower Lantern in the Woods 06:10 China 2023
    Directed: Yiling Zeng
    Dialogue Language: English

    A paranoid rabbit roams in the woods looking for a proper shelter. She encounters a mouse who turns out to be a master of shadow manipulation. They are accidentally driven into a shadow world. With the guidance of mouse, rabbit finds her way back to reality and gains internal strength.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  18. Letter from a stranger 05:49 Iran 2023
    Directed: Shima Markazi Omidvar
    Screenplay: Shima Omidvar
    Production: Shima Omidvar

    "Letter from a Strange" is a short 2D animation that explores the delicate interplay between two colleagues working in a large library. Despite the absence of an apparent connection, the story highlights how their actions impact each other's mental health, subtly revealing the concept of "hidden violence" in contemporary society.

  19. Le Parc aux Cerfs 06:45 France 2023
    Directed: Mahault Robin, Apolline Bucher, Marine Azam, Lilou Dubreuil, Louise Moulis, Nicolas Wilhelm
    Screenplay: Mahault Robin, Apolline Bucher, Marine Azam, Louise Moulis, Nicolas Wilhelm
    Dialogue Language: French

    Diane, the King's favorite courtesan is held captive in the « Parc Aux Cerfs », but she only has one desire. This desire isn’t to share the king’s bed. She is desperate to escape her golden cage. One night, while the King had lowered his vigilance, she decides to escape.

  20. Wired Up 07:30 France 2022
    Directed: Camille Beaugé, Raphaël Kuder, Héloïse Fournet, Salomé Bengold, Paul Avril, Solène Rousseau
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    In a futuristic city where smog reigns over its depths, a killer android working for the government almost fails at her task when mysterious and hypnotizing light rays come piercing through the haze…

  21. Reincarnation / 轮回 04:11 China 2022
    Directed: Fang Zhou
    Screenplay: Mia Miao, Fang Zhou
    Dialogue Language: English

    Since the 20th century, the population of the earth has grown rapidly. After a large number of human beings entered the hell, they felt intolerable to its cruel punishment system. Therefore, they took advantage of the population advantage to gain control in the hell, eliminated the traditional physical punishment mechanism, and established a painless reincarnation mechanism using technology. However, human beings overestimated their ability, and the reincarnation were finally alienated due to human active intervention.

  22. Foul Fools 13:03 Belgium 2022
    Directed: Karo De Nijs
    Screenplay: Karo De Nijs
    Production: Karo De Nijs
    Dialogue Language: English

    Foul Fools reveals the tension between two people who can't seem to find each other through words. In a field two visual worlds intertwine through a dialogue between an old and a young man. Their minds wander into contradictory frames of mind. One with an analytical view obsessed with scientific exactness; the other with a metaphysical outlook, marveling at the beauty and abundance of the colors and movements around him. Orbiting around each other, like two black holes on the threshold of collision, they tend to be absorbed in their own thoughts. Like an 8x8 chess game, the players alternate placing a move, with the Knight (Horse) and Rook (Tower) making an appearance.

  23. Yaar 03:00 Iran 2023
    Directed: Nahid Malayeri
    Screenplay: Nahid Malayeri
    Production: Nahid Malayeri
    Dialogue Language: No Dialogue

    "Yaar" is about a lonely and depressed character that nothing around him can make him happy. He tries to commit suicide but survives each time due to his bouncy and elastic features. In his last attempt, he meets new friends, with whom he discovers new adventures.

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