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Professional Competition 3

Sunday 01/12/2019 11:00 - 14:00
Total Duration: 3:00:30

  1. Technology for Talking 05:27 United Kingdom 2019
    Directed: Jemima Hughes
    Screenplay: Jemima Hughes
    Production: Jo Nolan
    Dialogue Language: English

    Technology for Talking is a bright cut out animation which introduces voice output communication aids and explains how and why some people talk using assistive technology. Using the electronic voice and perspective of its disabled filmmaker, it challenges stereotypes about what non-speaking disabled people can do and raises awareness of their contribution to society.

  2. The Credits Movie 05:29 United States 2019
    Directed: Jeffrey Ashkin
    Screenplay: Jeffrey Ashkin
    Production: Jeffrey Ashkin
    Dialogue Language: English

    After decades of announcing the casts and crews of countless movies, the end credits finally get to tell their own story.

  3. Studies of Muybridge and Etc... / Estudos de Muybridge e Etc... 05:00 Portugal
    Directed: Júlio F. R. Costa

    Study of movement based in the work of Eadweard Muybridge, with due additions and variations of authorial nature – reinforcing, through sound and declamations, the successions and poetic repetitions.

  4. Shuffled 05:05 Sweden 2018
    Directed: Markus Helmersson
    Screenplay: Markus Helmersson
    Production: Markus Helmersson, Ricky Earl

    A film with a bunch of twists to it. A woman looking for a way out.

  5. Dalia's Still Here / Dalia Sigue Aquí 11:30 Mexico 2019
    3rd Place - Professional Short Animation- Jury
    Directed: Nuria Menchaca
    Screenplay: Nuria Menchaca, Carlos Isaac Gonzalez
    Production: Carlos Isaac Gonzalez
    Dialogue Language: Spanish
  6. Lionverse 03:24 Hong Kong 2019
    Directed: Hayden Chun Hei Mok
    Screenplay: Olivia Hei Yue Chan
    Production: Elmo Wai Yan Fung

    When we question our youngsters about the Spirit of Lion Rock, they found that they hesitate and they are not able to answer. It is because our youngsters had never experienced the hardest period in Hong Kong before. Hong Kong is now cooling down from her vigorous growth in the past. From the saying of elders that go, the Spirit of Lion Rock is "as you reap, so you sow". What a sigh to say that the spirit that we are proud of is being forgotten by the time. Coming to this generation, what does the Spirit of Lion Rock truly mean to us?

  7. Waka Huia / waka huia 15:13 Belgium 2019
    1st Place - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Laurent Leprince
    Screenplay: Laurent Leprince, Philippe Carreau
    Production: Geert VAN GOETHEM, Linda STERCKX, Thierry Zamparutti, serge Kestemont

    An old man of Maori origin crosses the world between dream and reality in the footsteps of his grandfather killed in Belgium during the First World War.

  8. The Creation of The World / Hant Quij Cmaa Cöiipaxi Ac 10:00 Mexico 2019
    Directed: Antonio Coello
    Screenplay: Antonio Coello
    Production: Antonio Coello
    Dialogue Language: Other

    The creation myth is adapted into an animated short film made by Seri indigenous children and elders.

  9. Drawing Life 12:52 Brazil 2018
    1st Place - Professional Short Animation - Audience
    2nd Place - Professional Short Animation - Jury
    Directed: Luciano Lagares
    Screenplay: Luciano Lagares
    Production: Laura Morales
    Dialogue Language: Portuguese

    An unmotivated caricaturist draws people on the street. One day, a woman pulling a sick and incommunicable boy in a wheelchair appears. The drawer observes him, scrutinizing the life that activates the simplest emotions, joy, anger, disappointment, and happiness. A connection is established. An atmosphere full of fantasy, fun drawings, and funny situations are created from an unlikely communication process.

  10. Iron me / Repasse moi 08:45 France 2019
    Directed: Ivan Rabbiosi
    Screenplay: Ivan rabbiosi
    Production: Jeremy Rochigneux

    Pedro, a sporty young man, shares his life with an ironing board. In town, he is a role model and everybody admires him. One night, however, everything falls apart...

  11. Lost and Found 04:07 Israel 2019
    Directed: Shimon Engel, Ofer Winter
    Production: Dov Abramson , Beit Avi Chai

    A young boy gets lost in a busy shopping mall, foreshadowing the story of his falling as a soldier in the Israel-Lebanon War of 1982.

  12. Deady Freddy 10:13 Canada 2019
    Directed: Alicia Eisen
    Screenplay: Alicia Eisen
    Production: Alicia Eisen, Sara Blake, Geoff Manton
    Dialogue Language: English

    After a life well lived, Freddy is afforded a chilling encore - he must live his life backwards through the eyes of every bug he has ever killed.

  13. Dreams in the depths 08:59 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2019
    Directed: Reza Mohammadi
    Screenplay: Reza Mohammadi
    Production: Hozeye honari Kurdestan of Traovince, Reza Mohammadi
    Dialogue Language: Kurdish

    Number of immigrants from different countrys of middle east who deal with war and bad social conditions and poverty. they are emigrated to make they're dreams and imagions possible they hope to find new world behind the oceans

  14. Peter-baas 07:07 Russian Federation 2019
    Directed: Anastasiya Zhakulina
    Screenplay: Alexander Timofeevsky, Natalia Dyakova
    Production: Boris Mashkovtsev, Juliya Gruvman, Sergey Strusovsky
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    The young Tsar Peter the Great, with his unbridled energy and burning desire to learn everything by himself, goes to Europe. Daring, brave, decisive, he begins the construction of the fleet. And he doesn't give a damn!

  15. Tiger Leaping Gorge 08:34 China 2019
    Directed: Liu Hongping
    Screenplay: Liu Hongping
    Production: Chongqing Yun Liang Wen Hua Limited Company
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    The story of the animated short film is extracted from its full-length screenplay--, which was recently awarded Third Prize among hundreds of screenplays in a national screenplay competition,tells stories about a tiger kingdom and has drawn some materials from《Shanhaijin》,---an ancient Chinese myth.The animated short film,《Tiger Leaping Gorge》 tells us the story about how Tiger King Hill faces the challenge with Lion King Tie.

  16. Filfla 06:57 Malta 2019
    Directed: Fabrizio Ellul
    Screenplay: Fabrizio Ellul
    Production: Fabrizio Ellul
    Dialogue Language: English, Maltese

    ‘Filfla’ follows the story of a woman who goes to look for a boy on the mystical island of Filfla, where a terrifying creature is lurking in its midst. The short animation explores Maltese myth and folk in a story of love, grief, perseverance and hope. Done in an illustration/comic style inspired from the cell animation tradition, Filfla is a self-funded work, done (Art, animation and editing) all by visual artist Fabrizio Ellul. 'Filfla' is turned into the 'Isle of the Dead' where spirits are trapped inside the Island by an evil creature. A woman fights her own grief in pursue of a boy, who holds the key to defeat this evil creature. Filfla, just like the spirits trapped within it, also seeks to be released. vimeo: Pass: filfla.studio19 Press Kit: To download or further info please contact me on

  17. Cat Not Here 06:52 United Kingdom 2019
    Directed: Brian Luff
    Screenplay: Brian Luff, Georgina Sowerby
    Production: Georgina Sowerby, Brian Luff

    Cat Not Here is an animated short film based on a true story. Struggling artist Brian is going to try and win the Turner Prize, and he’s just had a completely mad idea. A Brian Luff Film. Written and produced by Georgina Sowerby & Brian Luff.

  18. Fisherman and the Girl 15:00 Georgia 2018
    Directed: Mamuka Tkeshelashvili
    Production: Alexander Katamashvili

    A story about a five-year-old girl and her fisherman father who has to leave her home alone and go for fishing. To make her stay easier Father tells her magical stories about fishing which transforms into dreamlike fantasies in a little girl's mind.

  19. Time Freeze / Taym Pers Pers Taym 03:32 Philippines 2019
    Directed: Ma. Ceazara Vidallo
    Screenplay: Christian Mark Vidallo
    Production: Christian Mark Vidallo

    In a game that everyone seems to play, one man decides to make a power move. Richard is finally at his most awaited moment and is torn between playing it safe or risking everything to experience full satisfaction.

  20. Hoki 10:55 United Kingdom 2018
    Directed: Brian Luff
    Screenplay: Brian Luff, Georgina Sowerby , Cameron JL West
    Production: Georgina Sowerby, Brian Luff
    Dialogue Language: English

    When Hoki falls in love with a young bush baby at the zoo, she becomes obsessed with returning the animal to its family’s homeland Africa. Hoki’s obsession takes her on an epic journey, but the best laid plans don’t always work out. From the creators of award-winning short animation Aristaeus comes a dark new film that will both make you laugh and chill your spirit. A Brian Luff film. Written by Georgina Sowerby, Cameron JL West & Brian Luff. Associate Producer Cameron JL West. Produced by Sowerby & Luff. A Fit2Fill Production. Duration: 10:55. Colour. 16:9

  21. That's Enough of That 12:29 United Kingdom 2019
    Directed: Brian Luff
    Screenplay: Georgina Sowerby, Brian Luff
    Production: Brian Luff, Georgina Sowerby
    Dialogue Language: English

    “That’s Enough of That” is a short-form, sketch comedy web series that is produced by Brian Luff & Georgina Sowerby in London. The series stars an unlikely cast of aliens, animals, robots, vampires and angels who perform larger-than-life and often bizarre sketches. This film features selected sketches from the first 6 episodes, and features a strange man who can't stop saying "Simon & Garfunkel".

  22. restless 03:00 Iran, Islamic Republic of 2019
    Distinction - Professional Short Animation - Audience
    Directed: mehdi sedighi
    Screenplay: mehdi sedighi
    Production: mehdi sedighi
    Dialogue Language: English

    A child is restless and his father tries to calm his down...

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