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Student Competition 2

Friday 03/12/2021 11:00 - 14:00
Total Duration: 2:59:52

  1. Broken Doll / Muñeca Rota 04:20 Argentina 2018
    Created: Gaspar Aguirre, Román Sovrano
    Screenplay: Román Sovrano
    Production: Gaspar Aguirre, Román Sovrano
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    A young teenager is going through a hard phase because of his self-image and the external pressure of how he should be.

  2. PATCHWORK 08:00 Spain 2018
    Created: Maria Manero Muro
    Screenplay: Maria Manero Muro
    Production: Maria Manero Muro
    Dialogue Language: Spanish

    Patchwork is the story of Loly, a 60 year old woman who needs a liver transplant. Loly is housewife, artist, cheff, psycologist and mother. The story is told by a the donor who gave his/her liver to her. How many organs does it need to be replaced to stop being yourself and becoming someonelse?

  3. The Killing of the Oppressed Tyrant 02:19 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Doriana Re
    Screenplay: Doriana Re
    Production: Doriana Re
    Dialogue Language: English

    Identity crises of a leader of a revolution realizing he is the person he is fighting against. Represents the duality in human condition where if someone’s put in a certain situation he can embrace either the role of the oppressor or the oppressed.

  4. Life of Death 05:23 Indonesia 2018
    Created: Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy
    Screenplay: Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy
    Production: Jason Kiantoro, Bryan Arfiandy
    Dialogue Language: English

    Death, while struggling to balance his work and family life, talks about his existence, his job, and his opinions on human beings in an interview from the documentary ‘Life of Death'.

  5. Daughter 14:44 Czech Republic 2019
    2nd Place - International Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Daria Kashcheeva
    Screenplay: Daria Kashcheeva
    Production: Zuzana Roháčová, Martin Vandas
    Dialogue Language: English

    Should you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?

  6. GOOSE EGGS 03:34 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Evie Gaffney

    As a young woman goes about living her peaceful day to day her home begins to be inflitrated by some unruly guests.

  7. The Guardians / 守.護 04:50 Hong Kong 2019
    Created: Li Cheuk Ying, Ng Wing Ki, Tang Wai Yu, Wan Fuk Wai
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    In a hospital, there are a doctor and a nurse who have very busy working life. They have a music box which has a pair of knight on top of it. The knights resemble the doctor and nurse in a war that they have to fight the sickness. And the knights have to save the trapped patients in the battle world. Unfortunately, under the heavy stress in the workplace, the nurse falls seriously ill. The doctor also overwhelmed by work. The knight sacrificed himself for saving the doctor. Facing the death of the nurse, the doctor feels depressed. But luckily, the nurse reminds the faith of the doctor. The doctor determines to continues her vocation.

  8. Mr. Eichmann and the Maverick Goat 03:22 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Qiao (Joe) Cheng
    Screenplay: Qiao (Joe) Cheng
    Production: Qiao (Joe) Cheng
    Dialogue Language: English

    ‘Mr. Eichmann and the Maverick Goat’ is about an obedient workman and a rebellious goat. This short film was inspired by the Stanley Milgram experiment and explores if Mr. Eichmann would follow an inhuman order when pressured by a higher authority. The film is allegorical with a subtext challenging the compliance of the proletariat with authoritarian regimes.

  9. Going Home 05:47 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Tom Denney
    Screenplay: Tom Denney
    Production: Lily Taitia
    Dialogue Language: English

    A mother leaves hospital with her newborn baby to discover the world is about to end. As chaos erupts around them she tries to make her way home to be with her child.

  10. The Doggy 02:07 Georgia 2019
    Created: Tamuna Kochalidze

    A street god who is treated badly by bypassers helps a man who loses his keys

  11. CHIAKAN-MOFEI / 赤城-墨緋 06:46 Taiwan 2019
    Created: SHAN-YI LIN
    Screenplay: Feng-Yu Lee
    Production: Chun-An Lin, Jui-Hsin Lin, Chun-Huan Lee
    Dialogue Language: Chinese

    At the initial stage of creating the work, we developed the prototype based on our own life experiences and favorite themes. Finally, we chose the “Wei Lu(reunion dinner)” culture as the main theme, we hope to create the work that features the interactions and memorable moments of the family, furthermore, conveys the “peace” as the valuable virtue of the Chinese culture.

  12. (OvO) 03:55 Brazil 2018
    Created: Mônica Moura
    Screenplay: Mônica Moura

    Things were going fine for the chickens, but evolution took a scary turn and the future is now uncertain.

  13. Minuet 05:42 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: Aaron Hopwood, Harry Pearson
    Screenplay: Harry Pearson
    Production: Maddison Gould

    A young concert pianist rehearsing for her next solo performance finds help in an unlikely place

  14. Love Me, Fear Me 06:06 Germany 2018
    Greek Student Short Animation - Audience Audience
    Created: Veronica Solomon
    Screenplay: Veronica Solomon
    Production: Veronica Solomon

    "What would you be willing to do for them to love you? " LOVE ME, FEAR ME is a dance metaphor about the roles we play and the shapes we take, about the stages we chose, the audience we try to impress and the price of acceptance.

  15. Upshot 03:42 Ecuador 2018
    Created: Andrés Borja
    Screenplay: Andrés Borja
    Production: Andrés Borja
    Dialogue Language: English

    This shortfilm explores one of the many roots of terrorism and the grim rerality that many young children suffer from the callous experiences of war. The film shows a Kurdish boy that rises from the rubble of his home. His life will take a drastic turn when he realizes the harrowing reality he lives in. Given the physical and emotional damage, he feels helpless. As he grows up, he will give in to his resentment and impulses.

  16. Trois Francs Six Sous 06:33 France 2019
    Created: C. Ottevaere, F. Blain, L. Leblond, V. Indalkar, M. Ladjel, H. Valdelièvre-Rattier
    Screenplay: C. Ottevaere, F. Blain, L. Leblond, V. Indalkar, M. Ladjel, H. Valdelièvre-Rattier
    Production: Philippe Meis (Supinfocom Rubika)
    Dialogue Language: French

    During the second world war, a French farmer named Marcel hopes to see life again in the eyes of his mother, Josépha. She has been living in a vegetative state since the disappearance of her elder son. At the same time, he begins to help people affected by the war without actually knowing how much trouble he is going to get in.

  17. Gunpowder 05:30 France 2019
    1st Place - International Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Léa Detrain, Benoît de Geyer d'Orth, Pei-Hsuan Lin, Anne-Lise Kubiak
    Screenplay: Romane Faure
    Production: Philippe Meis (Supinfocom Rubika)

    lt's teatime ! Unfortunately for Phileas all his teaboxes are empty ! He decides to go get some to the source, in China!

  18. The Lifeguard 05:09 France 2019
    Created: Cécile Mercier, Milena Blin, Clémentine Lecluse, Iris Stanley, Ming-Yang Zhao, Rohan Kotnis, Charlotte Humbert
    Screenplay: Cécile Mercier, Milena Blin, Clémentine Lecluse, Iris Stanley, Ming-Yang Zhao, Rohan Kotnis, Charlotte Humbert
    Production: Philippe Meis (Supinfocom Rubika)

    An old man returns to his beach where he spent his childhood, the wind rises, a storm approaches, and submerge him little by little into his memories.

  19. o28 05:18 France 2019
    3rd Place - International Student Short Animation - Jury
    Created: Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran
    Screenplay: Otalia Caussé
    Production: Philippe Meis (Supinfocom Rubika)

    In Lisbon, a german married couple is about to get aboard the legendary n°28 tramway, but how should you ract when the brakes let go and embark you on a vertiginous race... with a baby on board.

  20. To the end / Vers la fin 08:18 France 2019
    Created: Quentin Simon, Guillaume Chappe, Marie Delpierre, Claire Carcopino, Renaud Roquette
    Screenplay: Quentin Simon, Guillaume Chappe, Claire Carcopino
    Production: Carlos De Carvalho (Pôle 3D)
    Dialogue Language: French

    Daniel is going to his best friend's burial and decide to dig him out and bring him home for a last night...

  21. Sauvage 04:42 France 2019
    Created: Raoul Dhellemmes, Axel Beaudelot, Pauline Lemaire, Marius Dalle, Alexis Jouen, Ophélie Kaszynski
    Screenplay: Raoul Dhellemmes
    Production: Carlos De Carvalho (Pôle 3D)

    In the cold forest of Siberia, a hare tries to escape a pack of wolves.

  22. Skyvision 04:20 France 2019
    Created: Nicolas Mayeur, Alice Letailleur, Yanis Belaid, Lisa Vicente, Nathan Peyren
    Screenplay: Nicolas Mayeur, Alice Letailleur, Yanis Belaid, Lisa Vicente, Nathan Peyren
    Production: Carlos De Carvalho (Pôle 3D)

    Viktor is smoking a cigarette on a building's rooftop. He is wathcing the city swarming below while his cigarette is burning and goes off.

  23. Blue Addiction 03:26 China 2018
    Created: Ulrica Luo
    Dialogue Language: English

    It’s a short animation video I made for the song I wrote. It’s about me getting addicted to my illusions about love and life,I’m chasing the perfects which probably not exists,the reality fails me,but the illusions keep giving me hopes.

  24. Immersion 05:53 Greece 2018
    Dialogue Language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    "Immersion" is both a theoretical and a 3D visual arts concept, created for the needs of my dissertation on the MA studies in Digital Arts, of the Athens School of Fine Arts. It took almost two years for the film to be completed, inevitably in parts, since the whole story is estimated to cover 25 minutes in total. For the same reason, a shorter version of the main story (story fragments) is presented here (In medias res). In brief, "Immersion", is a 3D animation sci-fi short film, inspired by the current technological achievements and breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Environments and by the evolution of Cognitive Science and Neurobiology, as well. The film forms a narration on virtual reality and consciousness, woven through the synergy of different scientific fields. The Key role character of the story is a software interface agent, who "synchronizes" itself with its operator in an experiment in the field of Neuromorphic Engineering that studies the coupling possibilities of bio-logical and digital information. Failing to reach the desired interconnection time which is required for the synchronization to be completed, the experiment leads to a complete withdrawal of both the biological agent and the interface agent. At the same time, "deviations" that balance the margins between error and evolution, are revealed. The animated film is the result of my theoretic study related to my MA dissertation entitled "A Study on the Sensory Perception in the Context of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence".

  25. War Machine 06:31 Bulgaria 2019
    Created: Iva Dimanova
    Screenplay: Vladislav Budinov

    "War Machine" deals with one of the oldest problems of the humanity - war. Painting a world not based on any particular conflict, but rather an amalgomation of several conflicts. Observing a world with no good and evil, in which war and it's consumption of life has become a well oilled machine, allows me to explore the true nature of war - the act of killing. The act of mass produced killing. The act of stripping the humanity away from the people until they are nothing more than war machines.

  26. MAZAY`S ARK / МАЗАЙ, НЕ НОЙ! 07:41 Russian Federation 2018
    Created: Tatyana Chernilevskaya
    Screenplay: Tatyana Chernilevskaya
    Production: Elmira Farrakhutdinova
    Dialogue Language: Russian

    The snow is melting, the water is rising - grandpa Mazay is collecting hares on his boat. But this time Mazay faces obstacles. This "saving parable" shows us that the rescue of a drowning man isn't always the drowning man's own job This is a social film that touches upon the topic of consumer society. The issue is very relevant for our time. It speaks of people who have power, but not morality and principles. They can seem decent, put on the masks of true Christians, and under this guise do terrible things, that bring them benefits. These people have neither conscience nor mercy, there is only a desire to profit from everything. And if you found yourself in a difficult situation, you'd better act in accordance with the proverb "If you need a helping hand, the best place to look is at the end of your sleeve", and not foolishly entrust your life into the hands of stranger

  27. Fragile / Frágil 10:00 United States
    Created: Ramon Faria
    Screenplay: Felipe Campos, Ramon Faria
    Production: AE, Ramon Faria

    Mr. Nakashima had an interesting past but is now living away from that life. After years of loneliness, he decides to get a helper robot for daily chores. Eventually their friendship grows, they are both living a very happy and peaceful life. But things go crazy once a strange creature visits Mr. Nakashima to take away his soul into the afterlife. AT&T Film Awards Winner

  28. Thumbelina and The Ogre / TommeLise et l'Ogre 08:04 France 2018
    Created: Cécile Robineau
    Screenplay: Cécile Robineau
    Production: Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris
    Dialogue Language: French

    An ogre lives alone in a huge garden where he spends his time eating and gardening. One day, he meets a tiny woman who fell from a swallow. Their peculiar friendship is stretched because of their true nature : TommeLise wants to travel again while the appetite of the ogre awakens.

  29. BUG 07:31 Argentina 2018
    Created: Joaquín Ortiz
    Screenplay: Joaquín Ortiz
    Production: Victoria Paredes TIAGAD FICH-UNL, Héctor Pérez Hinding
    Dialogue Language: English, Spanish

    In a monochromatic three- dimensional futuristic city, live two-dimensional caricature beings, that march guarded by surveillance cameras and drones. One of them, BUG, will seek to overcome all the obstacles in order to find out a trascendent discovery. BUG is a shorfilm that, without a single spoken word, talks about reality and virtuality, power and poetry, uniformity and imagination, going through the multiple dimensions of contemporary life.

  30. Hungry / Hambriento 04:48 Spain 2018
    Created: Gianpierre Yovera Infanzon, Pablo Gonzáles Diéguez, Julián Andres Conde Martín, Ivan Torres Salvador
    Screenplay: Pablo Gonzáles Diéguez

    The cruel roar of a beast breaks the fragile dream of a young mother. Uncertain and fearful is about to investigate the origin of such a chilling sound. Soon, he will realize that a terrible monster lurks in the darkness of his house. Will she can survive this stormy night? Or, will she be devoured by this hungry creature?

  31. A Reality Show 02:35 United Kingdom 2019
    Created: isea karsli
    Screenplay: isea karsli
    Production: isea karsli
    Dialogue Language: English

    In our society the representation of reality has supplanted the reality itself; the so-called Society of the Spectacle incorporated the individual in attitudes and behaviours aimed to advance a distracted, image-saturated, consumer society in which we lost sight of the paradoxes and absurd mechanisms that drive our everyday life. With a touch of irony, this project aims to highlight the mediocrity behind some of our modern trends and thoughts, to unveil the props of our own show and raise some awareness towards the glimmering reality we live in.

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